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Numerology/Astrology for 1/5/18
1/5/18 is the number 8. The lesson of the number 8 is “what you sow, so shall you reap”. If you are sowing seeds of goodness, abundance, love, and compassion, then that is what will come back to you. But if you sow the more negative side of the emotional scale and throw negativity in the direction of those that are different from you, then what will come back to you is a mirror of that disowned negativity. Unfortunately, humanity often learns from the more negative position. When you finally see that what you give out, you get back, that feels so horrible that you just choose to never do that again. There are places and moments when your own individual fate is in your hands and a choice and action can shift the patterns in your life from negative to positive. Today, is one of those days. But you have to have the courage to make that leap towards peace and love for the world to begin to transform. Take a look at who you look down your nose at in life. Where do you think you are superior? Often that needing to hold the more moral and superior position is a cover for deep insecurity. The bigger the mask that the ego has placed in front of the soul, the more deeply in contraction and lack of self-worth the inner soul is. And yet we are in a time where more and more authentic expression is becoming the more valuable place to stand. In our world at the moment so many are very jaded and distrustful of external patterns and people. And for good reason. A bright light has been shone in the dark corners of our illusions and we have been found and judged to be very lacking in morals and values. What has taken over our world are the rich and greedy, the selfish and the power hungry. It is difficult to trust when you see such horrible people have control over the world and are hell bent to destroy what is good and wonderful in the world. What can you do about? Own your own dark and dingy corners. Own you own power issues and superiority projections on others. Notice where you are “hell bent” on getting what you want even if it does not serve a higher function. Notice your own selfish tendencies. Once you can see your own shadow it no longer is reflected back to you the same way. Once you fully integrate your own shadow, you will no longer react in such a knee-jerk way to what the external world is doing. It will become less personal and you will become more objective and have a clearer overview.
The Moon ends its transit of Leo and enters Virgo at 3:13 AM EST. On your mark….Get set…..And get ready to move into a period of unusual groundless and growth. More and more planets are going into Capricorn until the 9th as the Sun, Venus, and Pluto head towards that alignment, as do Mars and Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio, thus forming sextiles to each other. This is set to be a fertile, creative, go-getting period for relationships, business, and new enterprise. Today, Mars and Jupiter form a parallel and you get in the spirit of things, but a Sun-Saturn parallel reminds you that it is time to take care of other business before start something brand new. The Virgo Moon is particular but earnest and encourages you to get organized before exciting days to come.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Deeply feeling and connected people express emotions.
They are not wounded as much as they are awake
and in the flow of what is actually happening in life.
When they are mad … You know it.
When they are sad … You know it.
When they are feeling the suffering of the world …
They cannot help but express it in some way
through words, actions, or deeds.
These souls are the canaries in the coal mine.
They warn us that something is not right
and give us the time (if we pay attention)
to make a correction.
~Suzanne Wagner~





When you awaken you will still feel pain.
But it will be less personal and more that you are feeling
into the external suffering that is still happening in the world.
When you awaken you will still have your own wounds.
But they will not be something that collapse you.
Instead it will be a place that you draw strength from
and a place of certainty that all things happen for a reason
and all things have the potential to transform
from a negative action to a positive place of understanding and compassion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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