January 5, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 1/6/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/6/16
January 6th is the number 7. Today, take the time to understand others for a moment. Recognize that your full presence is creates a natural healing environment for others to step into. All of us want and need to be seen and fully witnessed. When we don’t get that from others it causes stress in our body and that distress over time causes disease. It is amazing how much just someone acknowledging us and feeling as if we are not alone and that there is someone who can fully take us in can calm the nerves, open our hearts, and give us hope. Perhaps you can be that special person to another today. Use the energy of the number 7 and see what you full presence and persistence of your purpose can create in the world. The Moon ends its transit of Scorpio early today, at 1:57 AM EST, and moves into Sagittarius. At this point you are looking for ways to break the routine, and the tendency is to try to “wing” it. This means that you want to act on impulse and learn by satisfying your curiosity. There is a devilish part that wants to take a few risks and dive deep past the fears and into the adventure of the unknown. You might take a philosophical attitude to problems or challenges in your life but there is a longing to taste something very different. Just be aware that you lack practicality around the Moon’s square to Neptune later today. The Moon aligns with Venus and forms a square with Neptune, and you may be lingering a little on issues brought up by the Venus-Neptune square yesterday, perhaps on uncertainty in a relationship, or with a business or financial matter. Regardless, take a few risks, break the routine, and discover some uncharted territory in your world.
~Suzanne Wagner~
“Your eyes stole all of my words away.”
~David Jones~
I don’t know about the rest of you but yesterday that Mercury Retrograde hit like a massive schedule changer. I had to laugh at the universe at its perfect timing and its predictability. It is one of the reasons that I like to study the different intuitive systems that map subtle energy on the planet and astrology is a great one for obvious reasons. Being a psychic I see patterns consistently. Sometimes I do not know why the pattern is happening all I can do is observe that there is a synchronicity happening and dive into trying to understand what is the mechanism that is causing that pattern to happen on that particular day. Because I do readings all day, it still surprises me that in one day I will have 5 people who have the same birthday or the same number pattern all come in on the same day. Now, I am not talking about a day and it is everyone’s birthday that day, because I give birthday specials but a random birthday. Such as it is December 2015 and for 4 weeks I see a majority of Gemini’s or I see all the Gemini’s born on one particular day. That is where astrology is so helpful to sort out what is happening for this particular energy person on that particular day or week. If you believe that we are not connected think again. If you are a student of the human spirit you will recognize that for so many of us fate and the stars are moving all of us. I believe the more you wake up the more you control your destiny but until then you move in the patterns that you have chosen before you come down and those maps guide you to the lessons and teachings that help you break out of karma. For me the first step is to understand what I chose to learn and what are the lessons that have been set up for me to explore. Then from a place of conscious understanding and acceptance you can begin to flow with the pattern rather than resist the pattern. The more awake you become the faster the lessons come and this is what is so scary to so many. When you begin to awaken you don’t feel more comfortable you feel much less comfortable as you are leaning into the edges of your pattern and karma attempting to break your head and body through the ceiling and limitations of your old self.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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