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Numerology/Astrology for 1/6/18
1/6/18 is the number 9. In this modern age, what does it mean to be connected to your intuitive self and allow that extra, significant energy inform you to a more full and complete awareness? I know that at this point with all that has been happening in the news and media that information (no matter how slick it seems to be presented) is not necessary true. And so many are attempting to infect you with their ideas and perspective. Just because someone believes something is true or wants it to be true, still does not mean it is true. That is where having a great connection to both sides of your brain can come in handy. I know that every person’s mind (including mine) has its own slant. As someone said, “If you have a brain you are biased.” But intuition and your right brain speaks to you through your gut. And even when my mind really likes something my gut will start turning, tightening, and rolling. And I can’t ignore that feeling that starts to overwhelm my system. This moment in time feels like the “Harry Potter” film where he is in the maze and almost allows Cedric to be taken by the plants but at that last minute his “core” and his “inner self” cannot do the wrong thing but is compelled to do the right thing. It boils down to one thing for me. The question, “Afterwards am I going to feel good about my choice and action or worse?” If the answer is “worse” I immediately choose to do what I know I can live with in my life. I choose to live a life with “no regrets”. To some that means that they want to so what they want when they want with no regard to others. That is not what I am talking about. I want to remain so present and conscious that I make all my choices and decisions from that place that they serve the evolution of my soul and impact others in the most positive way that I can. That does not mean that I want to be a “Pollyanna”. I want to be authentic and connected to each person, animal, or natural environment from a place of wonder and from the place of honor, respect, and to do no harm. It is hard to do. But it is the goal that I attempt to work with. If I see suffering I attempt to alleviate it a bit. Sometimes with just a smile and the thought in my mind that I see that person. That is often enough to change someone’s day and give them hope.

You are here to connect to others and to fully have an experience in this reality. You are here to embody compassion and to help soften the harsh lessons in this density. In keeping that the goal at the forefront in your mind you learn humility, altruism, benevolence, empathy, expand your viewpoint, and influence your world in positive ways. You are here to release the residue of past lives. You are here to become a unique and independent expression of the divine. When you do not have a higher goal guiding your movement you become disconnected, lethargic and have a hard time focusing.
On Saturday, Mars and Jupiter align in Scorpio. This is a passionate combination, be it for sexuality or ambition. This is an “I’m ready for more” combination.
~Suzanne Wagner~



So, powerful.
They can crush a heart, or heal it.
They can shame a soul, or liberate it.
They can shatter dreams, or energize them.
They can obstruct connection, or invite it.
They can create defenses, or melt them.
We have to use words wisely
~Jeff Brown~





Today, I reflect on all the animals that have graced my life with so much love and warmth. What would we do without our fur babies? I am grateful for the cat, Misty. I had her when I was a child and she was one of those animals that was like, “Pet me! Pet me! Pet me!……Don’t pet me!” Sending love out to the Maltese dog, “Cherise” that lived for 22 years that was nearsighted and had the worst overbite of life. She was the runt and yet she lived longer than I was home as a child. Sending love to the two horses, Ebony (a two-year-old colt full of piss and vinegar) and Patches (an old workhorse). Ebony’s favorite game was to run fast at the cactuses, stop suddenly, drop her head, as I would fly off and right into the cactus patch. My mother got really good at taking cactus needles out of my butt. Patches would allow me to pretend I was some amazing horse woman and no matter what I said or did he never went fast with me on his back. His ears told the complete story. He heard me and he would look back at me like, “You can’t handle it, baby.” To the ducks my sister rescued from the school science project. To the gerbils (Mr. and Mrs. Gerbil) who had babies and Mrs. Gerbil managed to escape (I hope she had a full life) leaving Mr. Gerbil alone. To the Rats we rescued again, from the science project. To the frogs I raised in the upstairs bath tub. Much to my mother’s concern. To my sweet favorite cat G.G that returned in another body 15 years later doing the exact same behaviors and patterns just to make sure I recognized him. To my amazing dog, Oswald that taught me so much about my own emotions that I had denied. To Strider, who walked in my door with a client and instantly adopted me. To Sammy who I was allowed to rescue and give a great life his last ½ of his days. And to Kali who also adopted me as a feral cat but has been another great love of my life. And to all the animals that I have made sure they were in the right place and home. Thank you for your patience and love.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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