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Numerology/Astrology for 1/7/17

1/7/17 is the number 9. Today, focus on what you want to complete for this year. Think of it not as New Years Resolutions but the strategy that you wish to accomplish by the end of this year. The reason is that most things are not going to move quickly so having small and constructive actions that you can do every day is essential to feeling constructive movement during a year where big goals seem next to impossible to accomplish. That is why you want to take small steps that will allow you to find success in ways that are tangible to you personally. There is much to learn and much to discover when you stop looking for the grandiose and see the beauty in the small and subtle. The Sun forms a conjunction with Pluto very early into the day, bringing the desire for self-mastery to your attention. There can be a small crisis that points to an area of your life that is now going to require work, improvement, and transformation. The need to gain more control over your life feels very strong, although this energy can create some paranoia or extremes of thinking inside your mind. Your focus should be on recycling, reviewing, updating, revising, and eliminating things that no longer serve. Don’t add anything more onto your plate. Finding some structures and plans that you know you can slowly move in the direction of is what is most important to you now. The Moon continues its transit of steady Taurus all day, and this helps to soothe and calm you down. Mercury moves to a direct station, exact tomorrow morning, and this shift can create some disorientation and make you feel a bit confused like your mind has some crossed wires.
~Suzanne Wagner~

“Poetry is what happens when your mind stops working, and for a moment, all you do is feel.
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“Life is about one more thing.” That is my husband’s favorite phrase and how true it is. Nothing ever stays the same and just when you think that you have everything in place and put together there is always some other thing that the universe requires of you. Instead of getting upset, step up and deal with what is in front of you and what the universe puts on your plate, because that aspect of life is not ever going to change. It is us that changes. And that is the idea. We are all here for growth and evolution. Neither of those aspects are static states. They are living and breathing processes of expansion and contraction. So remember, just breathe!
~Suzanne Wagner~


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