January 7, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/8/16
January 8th is the number 9. As we are still navigating the waters of Capricorn I would love to point out that one of the lessons of this sign is about recognizing that reasonable boundaries actually give each of us more freedom not less. Such as, when you create a plan or a structure then it allows you to focus on that thing and not get as distracted by things that are not as critically important. Also reasonable laws allow others to feel safe when they walk down the road from cars and other people. Rules are not there to intentionally make problems but to create agreement fields so that everyone is operating within a certain standard of behaviors, which allow others to not have to worry. Crosswalks help children navigate busy intersections safely because of the rule that when someone steps on a crosswalk all the cars stop. At the moment you may feel as if you are craving more order not less. So much has changed and so many things in the world seem topsy-turvy that you want to go back to a time when there was a calmness and order to the daily structures of life. The number 9 is here to remind us that we do need to let the past go because life is always about moving forward to the next thing. Mars in minor challenging aspect to Chiron this morning can point to some touchiness and difficulties expressing your deep feelings such as anger or despair in a direct manner. Even so, the Sun and Chiron form a sextile shortly after that and an opportunity can arise to feel a sense of mission or purpose. There is a yearning to grow and learn from your experiences and to solve problems by looking at things in a more holistic way. The Moon completes its transit of Sagittarius at 10:07 AM EST, and enters Capricorn. Retrograde Mercury moves back into the sign of Capricorn today and will remain retrograde until the 25th, after which it will continue its transit of Capricorn in direct motion until February 13th. Tonight, Venus aligns with Saturn in the sign Sagittarius. This is the type of aspect that you may need to start facing reality about our finances, a personal belief, or a love/social matter. It is time to get on top of a few things not from the place of hope of the potential of money or that people will change but from the place that things are not what you thought and now it is time to make the tough decisions that are not going to be comfortable but are essential for you to move on. This influence can bring a strong sense of responsibility or realism to your life and it often feels like a harsh and bitter pill to take. Problems in a relationship are crystal clear now. Commitments made are questioned and you realize that what you want and what you have are radically different. A sense of duty towards someone you care about can be in focus now. Renewed ties to old friends, ideas, and projects are possible, or a new sense of responsibility towards existing ones can emerge. It’s not an ideal time to make new long-term commitments. It is the time to see things for what they really are.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Take this moment and make it special. All you need to do is open your eyes and see the life and beauty surrounding you. Your awareness makes the moment special. Your appreciation of this moment makes it live forever in your soul.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Beauty is found in everything. Beauty is the subtle energy that makes you shift your awareness and focus in a different way. Beauty pulls you away from your incessant thinking. Beauty causes your breath to stop and then deeply and slowly inhale. Beauty is found in subtlety. Beauty is found when you see into something’s uniqueness. That is why artists are so amazing. They create things that make you stop and appreciate something’s uniqueness. They show you something that most of us would miss or pass by in our haze of busyness. Artists create a doorway for us to experience beauty through their eyes and to see what they appreciate and how their brain organizes life. I love to go to museums or to look in galleries to see how an artist chooses to take me into their world and how they allow me to see something, feel something, and experience a part of life that perhaps I have never noticed or had the opportunity to reflect upon. Today, look at some form of art. I mean really sit with it and notice how it hits you, what it makes you feel, and how it changes you? Discover worlds that you have not yet witnessed. Learn through the perceptual lens of another and find that you are better because of it.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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