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Numerology/Astrology for 2/11/18

2/11/18 is the number 6. The more this astrological pattern continues to unfold, the more you have to remain mindful of where others are actually at. Do your best to stay in the place of caring, healing, honesty, truthfulness, economic balance, service, empathy, love, grace, and compromise. But be very aware of where there are those that are hypercritical, morally superior, weak-minded, shallow, selfish, and unsupportive of the greater whole. We live in difficult times and staying in alignment with the Divine Mother Earth and working together to bring balance back will take all of us. I believe that the good in the hearts of mankind can win over the darkness that attempts to take over souls, governments, and societies. And yet we must learn to love and accept each other. Without the willingness to allow the differences and see them as divine, this world will stay on the path that is filled with suffering, hardship, and pain. There is always clarity between what is right and what is wrong. There are no justifications that will work to make lies and horrible intentions into something good. But I have learned by being in Berlin Germany in 1978-1982 (when the wall was still up), that the people who had been brainwashed by Hitler and lived through WWII, still struggled to reconcile the horror of the truth from the lies that they chose to believe. I recognized that entire generations needed to pass through before a new era can be established. And only through powerfully honest communication and education is that possible. We have a long way to go. Recognize that you have lived in an amazing time and you have been gifted the freedoms that others only dream of. With that gift is a duty and responsibility to at least try to protect and defend what was so generously given to you. You have had a life of privilege. What are you going to do to help now? The next wave of growth is up to you.

Focus on responsibilities and tangible projects on Sunday and Monday under a productive Capricorn Moon. Both days have pleasant lunar relationships, so you can relax as you accomplish tasks rather than stressing out. The Moon aligns with Saturn this morning. This Moon-Saturn-Capricorn energy is sobering. You realize just how bad things might become. This is designed to help you recognize that we must as a people become more responsible, practical, and efficient under this influence. You are in a place to promote more understanding, teaching, and learning new things because Mercury and Jupiter form a parallel. Expect later in the day to wrestle with some impatience as Mars and Uranus move into a dynamic aspect. You want something to change. You are just not entirely sure where to begin in that journey. The Moon is on top of Saturn, so you have to really look before you leap. You really need to clear and be more aware of what is happening in your world. Venus is coming into Pisces. There are a very many choices and options that are going to come into your awareness. You want to sort all those options before you choose. Don’t pick the first option that is possible. Be aware that things are attempting to pull you off your personal track. Remember, your morals and values. Remember, that what matters is making choices and decisions that impact everyone in ways that allow for freedom and growth. We are all Americans and each person here is seeking that same opportunity.

~Suzanne Wagner~




You have to let go
of those situations
that burn holes in your heart.
You have to learn
that you cannot take on
all the suffering of this earth.
What you learn is that you
came to touch those few
that are ready to connect
to the caring and love
that you have inside.

~Suzanne Wagner~




You are ready to open to discover your deepest self. The only way to do that is to learn how to address the separations you have between your highest and lowest selves. When you are polarized you see only what you want to see and not what is really happening. It is like watching a movie but there is no sound. You sort of get what the movie is about, but you don’t really get all of it. You don’t get the nuances and specifics. But those that have not allow their own brain to evolve by allowing in contradictory opinions that challenge the established parameters in your brains structure and organization become frozen in defensive patterns of behavior. They are not open. They are hunkered down like a badger in a hole. They will defend a position and lash out at any attempts that have the intention for change. There is unfortunately only one way through such blockages. You have to let their choices and actions cause a total and complete collapse. The Dali Lama said a long time ago, “How can you expect anyone to love tree, love a bird, love the earth, if they first do not love themselves?” There are people that are attempting to destroy this world. A world that so many fought and died to create and whose intention was to protect the freedoms that we enjoy. There are people that love being right, way more, than they love this beautiful world or others. That to me is the greatest tragedy of all. They are so miserable that they wish to create the apocalypse and get “the hell” out of here rather than do the work that is necessary to make this world a heaven on earth.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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