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Numerology/Astrology for 2/11/20

2/11/20 is the number 8. If you add the 2 + 11 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8.

You may notice a deep sadness and loss today. Defining that sadness is about being willing to sit with that feeling and tell yourself the truth in this moment. That truth can feel overwhelming. That truth can make you want to run and hide. But that truth is what will show you the path towards your awakening and soul’s redemption. And that is worth anything. That is worth everything. That is what this life was intended to help you find. Comfort has to be broken down so that the clarity can make a pathway through the suffering towards compassion. Ego has no compassion. Fear has no compassion. Hate has no compassion. That is why you have to walk through the Petri dish of human emotional dysfunction in order to find your way back to who your soul truly is and came to express in this life. That is the only journey. That is the path home. It is a messy path. It is a path that will trigger many and frighten any that refuse to walk through their own suffering.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Take the time to pour heart and care into what you love. Whether that is a person, a hobby, an art form, etc. You need to feel connected and calm. You need to get back to what matters for you personally. You need to have the discipline to not let others drama pull you out of that loving heart that still exists within your soul. Today, it is time to reprioritize because many enemies such as the Moon’s trine to Saturn will want to distract you and make you react rather than respond. Your impatience will be more difficult to control than normal. You are responsible for the emotional energy that comes from your words. And those words impact and ricochet back to you, especially if you are not aware. All choices put the responsibility squarely on your shoulders. Notice if what you are carrying is a burden or a blessing.

The Moon trines Pluto giving your emotional life a feeling of being one-sided because what you are feeling seems overwhelming. And it is. But do not let what you are feeling take you away from having the ability to feel into someone else’s heart. Others are suffering also.

The Moon square Mars makes arguments and hasty choices and words easy to spill over. Disagreements are everywhere. You are walking in a minefield of projections and beliefs. One wrong step and someone will go off on you. Do not waste time, tippy-toeing around others. Run as fast as you can through the minefield, knowing that you are going to set someone off in a big way. Know that it is not personal. you are not personally attacking anyone. You are attempting to move quickly through the insanity that has been created to stop you from knowing who you are. Never collapse in fear. Never collapse because the odds are against you. Never decide that the other side has won. Battles are won first in the mind. Battles are won because you refuse to stop going for your dream. Battles are won because you are willing to lay it all down in a moment. That moment is coming. You know it. You can feel it in your bones. You cannot see the exact challenge that is going to confront you but you know that moment is coming. And you know that you are preparing for that moment with every breath, every choice, and every step forward from this point on.

The Moon goes into Libra this evening and while it wants the harmony, what is noticeable is the disharmony. You cannot find balance without imbalance. You cannot find compassion without some struggles. You cannot be the love you are without someone threatening to tear down all that you believe in from their own miscalculating mind.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Comfort has to be broken down
so that the clarity can make
a pathway through the suffering
towards compassion.
Ego has no compassion.
Fear has no compassion.
Hate has no compassion.
That is why you have to walk
through the Petri Dish of human
emotional dysfunction in order
to find your way back to who
your soul truly is.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I had a woman yesterday unleash on me because she was reactively upset about the Iowa Caucuses and felt that Bernie won but it was so screwed up that he came in second. I simply responded that I wanted all of us, to vote Blue. No matter what. That it was important to get this crazy person out of office. She then uncorked on me telling me that it was in appropriate for me to say that to her and that she was going to delete me. Which she promptly did and blocked me.

This is the challenge that we face on a national level. Everyone wants their candidate and they believe that if they do not get what they want they are going to lose their mind and vote in an inappropriate way. That is partially what got us here the last time. And such behavior is so contrary to what we (as a county) need to do right now. We have to stand together. Sure I don’t prefer all the candidates but I can tell you that whoever wins, (Even if the Democratic party is operating the Caucuses in a dysfunctional way), I will stand with completely. My ego does not need to be right.
As a country, we need anyone else in the Oval office. It is critically important to the safety and well-being of the entire world.
I wanted to put this out there to make everyone realize that temper-tantrums will not get us anywhere except further into a desperately dark hole that we may not be able to climb out of. That is how the election threw us last time.
I hope we are wiser and smarter to see the manipulation and not fall for it a second time. But at the moment, such responses (so far ahead of the election) concern me. The opposition and Russia want to divide us. They want these petty arguments to capsize our democracy. I for one will not play. I hope others will support a voice of reason and unity also.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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