February 12, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 2/13/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/13/15

Today is the number 5. It is time to get into your body and to ignite your passion! Today is a day about progression. Meaning that you need to start putting one foot in front of the other and begin to take the steps that you know you need to but that you have been avoiding. The energies are aligned to give you that added boost and to spark that inner drive for something new. Aren’t you bored with your own lame excuses that have been stopping you? It is time to indulge in your body and to act in some brave and daring ways that are non-conventional, unpredictable and that are physical, sensual, and indulgent in health and energetic ways. What do you have to loose? Only boredom if you do this right. Boredom is an indicator of deep-seated rage at yourself and your life’s choices. But what is wonderful is that you can make new choices that awaken you back to the multitude of possibilities that life constantly offers. All you have to do is know that you deserve it and grab hold of things that excite your mind, body, and spirit. The Moon is in Sagittarius all day, harmonizing with Uranus early afternoon and Jupiter this evening. New situations of conquest or adventure are extremely attractive to you right now. Things will require less prompting than usual to get you moving and into new experiences of life. You will be more inclined to take emotional risks than usual that are healthy and supportive of who you want to become. Inside you have a call for action, which is arousing your mind and is asking you to respond to a higher state of awareness. Intuition is at a high and you are open to making progress in areas that need improvement.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Old age is your own creation; it can be a misery, it can be a celebration; it can be simply despair, and it can also be a dance. It all depends how deeply ready you are to accept existence, whatsoever it brings.



Age is one of those things that requires you to be very brave and courageous to face. All of us will face it in our own way but all ways reflect how much capacity we have to love and care for ourself. One wonderful thing about age is that you can discover how to manage time better. What that means is that you no longer feel that you have to do so much busy stuff. Instead you learn to enjoy the small things and are more present with your life and circumstances. In that process I challenge others to learn to move and take care of your body and health more. When we are younger you have huge amounts of energy, which sustains you and helps you rebound when you do silly or careless things. As you are older it is so important to support your body in healing and give it what it needs to maintain and to thrive. Priorities rearrange in this regard and you do have to work more at you own health and well-being to maintain a certain level of function. Besides it really feels good. When you take time for you and do things that allow you to remain strong and fit you get back energy that you have given out.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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