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Numerology/Astrology for 2/13/20

2/13/20 is the number 10. If you add the 2 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 10.

Changes are happening everywhere. Major shifts are the results of previous choices and actions. Some you may like and others may deeply concern you. You will have to protect yourself on a multitude of levels from this point forward. Preparation is going to be the key to a smooth way through whatever comes next. Being prepared is a way to honor your intuition and respecting yourself, your life, your body, and your family. You have the power and ability to step up and step through the doorways that are presenting. You have vast wisdom and tools to work with. You hold the keys to the expansion of your being into a place of clarity and truth. Follow your heart into the fires of truth. Let it burn away all that is not real and not necessary for your soul’s evolution. What will be left is truly yours and can never be taken from you.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon begins this day finishing up its transit in Libra. And as it squares Pluto and then Saturn it shows a sobering side of life. While you may want to connect, include, compromise and be polite, you will have to put that extra effort into it. Weigh all perspectives before you speak. For some everywhere you look may feel restrictive, depressing, and unsatisfying. The shallow insincerity of the world seems shocking and painful to witness. The most sensitive souls will feel the pain and the price for such intentional aggression and the desire to cause suffering from those in power.

Venus forms a square to the North Node reinforcing the complete lack of agreement in big areas, dissatisfaction with what is happening in the world, and making you notice the things and people that are not allowing us to grow.

But with the Moon harmonizing with the Sun and Mars today, you can adapt and make compromises if both sides are willing to shift a little.

In the late afternoon Pacific time on the 13th, the Moon moves into emotionally intense Scorpio through Saturday morning, including Valentine’s Day. Because it is a day of emotional expression, be prepared that conversations can go deep and bring up vulnerabilities. But there is also good astrological news as there are joyous aspects all day on the 14th to go along with that Scorpionic desire to keep things very real. Do your best to tell the truth. Just remember in these intense times to also be very kind. This Moon adds energy, passion, sensuality and power to all things. It is that cayenne pepper in your lemonade. Know that for some this gives permission to lash out and force changes.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Never give up walking the path of truth.
Never stop trying to seek that truth
in all its forms and depths.
Never feel bad when you are attacked
for standing up for something.
Even though it may cost you dearly.
Because lessons of great worth
sometimes come at a cost.
But that cost is worth it if the goodness
you attempted to do was in support
of those also standing for truth.
When truth is centered in your being,
it becomes the central point
around which your life rotates.
And as it circles around it will become
the magnetic force that can also
protect you from negative and
dangerous forces that come at you.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I never needed to learn to love. I believe that each of us comes in as a pure light that is open and vulnerable. And then the experiences of loss and upset begin to cause us to hide that light, protect our heart, and bring caution into our interactions with others. While I do believe that karma crosses with us from lifetime to lifetime, I believe all beginnings are that opportunity for a fresh start. This life is about being willing to be that vulnerability and authentic heart regardless of what is happening in the world or in our own personal circumstances. It is about tearing down the walls we have built when you recognize that you have done so. We do not realize at times that we are either slowly building walls up around us or we are taking bricks from the structure of our life that are supportive. Both end up with us either stuck or unsupported. Know that you can have standards that are important for your well-being. People that don’t like your standards may not be meant for you. You may have to shift your standards as you recognize aspects that are possibly not serving you but know that it is okay to have certain standards that support your morals, values, and desires for peace.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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