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Numerology/Astrology for 2/14/20

2/14/20 is the number 11. If you add the 2 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.

It is the day of appreciation for the many forms of love in your life. Without that love all of us would be much less than and without the grace and confidence that we presently have in our life. How many have helped us through our most trying times? How many of us have desperately needed someone to love us no matter what? It is that love the makes us find out who we really are. While everyone needs to find that inner faith in oneself, it helps to have external reflections of those that see past our behaviors and projected distortions. Take this day to really reflect and send love to all those that refused to give up on us. Refused to let our limitations (the number 2) stop us from following those illusive dreams that seemed so hard and sometimes impossible. See the deep love that our parents tried to give us and notice where you might have deflected that love in favor of being right. And yet, that love remained. There are moments when you reflect on the intense patience of those that have loved you. How many times did they roll their eyes in frustration that you just could not or would not see a place that seemed so obvious to them. There are so many that you need to take this moment and give them gratitude for all the love and support. In this day of love, recognize that everyone has their own wounds and places that perhaps they were ineffective in knowing exactly how to express that love. Forgive them for that and forgive yourself for your own hard-headedness.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

We are on the boat of the Moon in Scorpio. It is carrying us through to a deeper and darker understanding and knowing. You have an eccentric and head-strong side that is trying to come up and into the light. You have many things  that may want to derail that expansion but never let another’s mood alter your intentions to share deep feelings with others.

The Moon opposes Uranus and now that conflicts can arise but don’t let anything get out of control. People need to feel loved and special. Perhaps you need to shift tactics in how you show and express that love and gratitude.

The Moon trines Mercury in Pisces and it makes you quick and have better judgement at the moment. Use it wisely and do not use it to hurt another in any way.

The Moon sextile Capricorn is helping you feel that deeper sincerity and that makes you want to make a few plans for the future. Just always expect the unexpected. Changes will have to be made in all plans.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I know when I am being taken for a ride,
Inside a mind where wounds reside.
I know when I am in the bubble of a dream,
An idea that is designed to build esteem.
I know when I walk the path of verity,
It supports all and lives in sincerity.
I know where there is a desire to know,
Because many things drop, especially ego.
I know when there is a hope in hell,
Because the past is let go and cannot compel.
I learned to live a life in the now.
I know how to create space and allow.
You cannot hold in your hand
All the truths that humans demand.
That is because not all are really true.
Some were intended to construe.
Find the light within your soul.
Follow that instead of opinion polls.
You are on your own unique path.
Never follow hate and wrath.
Then you will always find your way home.
Truth always vibrates to the “Om”.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Speaking lies requires you to remember what you have said to others.
Often you will have to expand the lie as holes in the story pop up.

Those that lie know it is exhausting for the listener to figure out the lie from the facts and it causes you to run around in your head looking for answers and comparisons to analyze what is real and what is fabrication.

It is a form or mental torture.

It is a form of emotional abuse.

It is intended to break you down, exhaust you to the point to either not caring, brain-washing you to comply and then go along with another, or numbing you out so that you are not a threat to that person manipulating the information.

Speaking the truth is a lot less tiring.

Speaking from an authentic heart is uplifting, revealing, sincere, disarming, and allows for a free flow of thoughts and ideas.

I have lived through the many layers of lies and have learned how to sort out relevancy and honesty.

Relevancy and honesty literally have a vibration that is recognizable if you are connected to what you feel, your heart, and are open enough to sense what is between the words.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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