February 14, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 2/15/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/15/15

Today is the number 7. Can you feel it? That desire to understand and figure out that deep question that is stalking about your inner self. Between the Saturn (which wants you to get real about things, it wants you to get grounded, and it calls you to gather more information) and it being in Sagittarius (which is all about faith, belief, philosophy, and knowledge). It all adds up to that you need to get real about what you believe, you need to get grounded about your personal philosophy, and it wants you to learn new knowledge so that you can find that inner clarity you so desperately want to discover. Then when you add the number 7 into the mix, which adds a beautiful amount of mental analysis, logic, a keen mind, an ability to learn, write, explore, invent and study, then there is a drive and determination to move beyond your old self. The number 7 is associated with Saturn in some numerological systems. So that intense feeling to understand the mysterious, secrets of the esoteric world is driving you to explore and discover your uncharted self. Today you have tools that you need to stand on this new ground and become more real to yourself and more authentic to others around you. Do not hesitate. Take charge of your world it is time to shift, you know this. This day protects you and gives you the stability to stand up and walk forward into your new self. The Moon is in Capricorn all day, and while you may feel a little guarded and protective of your emotional expression, you can also be quite focused on getting down to business, bringing more order into your life, and working towards greater efficiency. The Moon aligns with Pluto late afternoon, and you could be driven to make powerful changes in relationships, business, or your home environment. However, people may not be especially yielding now, and power struggles can ensue. Try not to let your drive and direction force others to go in a direction that they do not wish to go. Everyone is finding his or her way and none of your paths may completely work for others. Just remember that. Give them space to find their way and you go and step solidly onto yours. With Mars in creative aspect with Pluto today, you might think up unique ways to turn a difficult situation around. Be creative. There is a pathway that honors all.
~Suzanne Wagner~



An authentic man does not live by rules, maxims, and commandments. That’s the way of the pseudo-man. The authentic man simply lives.



Rules are there when your consciousness is not connected to your deepest self. When you are aligned with your heart and soul essence you naturally would want to know that everything is love because your heart would be wide open and you would be feeling everyone and everything as a part of yourself. You would express your life as a journey of compassion and connection. From that place you do not need the rules. But down here in this density we loose track of the oneness that is our birthright and how we began as babies and children. Children see everything from the eyes of wonder. They want to explore and understand. Within you right now is still that wide-eyed wondrous innocent child. All you have to do is reconnect him or her to your active and conscious self. Find a way to work together. Let the magic of your innocent self give insight and perspective to your choices and decisions. Together you can discover a way to make life more alive, interesting, and beautiful.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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