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Numerology/Astrology for 2/15/17

2/15/17 is the number 9. The number of endings is a warning siren for the coming weekend of intense astrology. You have this moment to get ready for something. What that is I am not sure but I do know that we are about to see a series of events that no one alive has witnessed. Sometimes being a psychic is difficult because events rarely happen in linear and isolated ways. They often come in groups and clusters of chaos that confuse and confound as they break down the old structures that have allowed us the feelings of security and stability. Know that over the next few weeks that stability is going to collapse. It is going to be up to us to hold tight to truth and our communities. It will be a time when we come together in dramatic fashion and rediscover the power and heart that is America. Do your best to prepare and know that no matter how hard you try you will not be ready. No one is ready to live through the types of shifts that are coming. They have to be lived fully and completely in the moment. This is why the number 9 is all about connecting to your intuition as you are going to need to listen more closely than you ever have to the subtle whisperings of your guides and angels to navigate through this time. In the midst of it all you have to stay positive. You have to believe in your communities and neighbors. You will have to work together. You will have to stand as one heart for what is right and true.


While the Libra Moon forms a square to Pluto this morning, stimulating tension especially when you don’t feel in control of your business or relationships. That pattern aligns with Jupiter midday, forming another sextile with Saturn late afternoon and then forms a trine with the Sun this evening. Relish this moment because for a brief time you will feel as if you are being far more successful at bringing balance and harmony to your life. Emotional relief is possible now. Take that momentary pause and enjoy the temporary calm because “Winter is Coming”. You move towards a Mercury-Mars sextile as the day progresses, and you easily become fired up and enthusiastic about your ideas and projects. Your confidence is up and the power of your intellect feels secure for the moment. You are alert and aware under this influence. You want to make some quick decisions. Your communications may be particularly spirited and frank. You can quickly turn ideas into workable projects.


We are coming into a very scary time this weekend. Now I know so many of you are frightened with so much going on in the world but I have to warn you and I can’t even attempt to stay positive under these upcoming astrological aspects. The intensity starts now but radically expands on Saturday the 18th. There are certain moments when you see the arch of war and that is happening beginning on Saturday.


Now what does that mean? What kind of war? Could the dam in Orville California collapse? Yes. Could there be an international incident that provokes responses from countries that could be volatile and drastic? Yes.


You need to know that from this weekend forward there is going to be a few weeks of intensity. Think of the Cuban Missile Crisis and how there was a few weeks were nuclear war was something that we were staring in the face. We did not know what was going to happen but the threat was clearly there and very real. Expect extreme instability. It is going to be hard to get the correct information as there is going to be speculation mixed with hidden things. America is being a catalyst for extremism to lurch forward. It is going to be difficult to not see only the dark side. When there are so many bad things happening, many will do anything in an attempt to feel better and the darkness will want to feed you information to feel good (which may be is false), when that is not going to be the case. So, don’t be deceived. Stay awake. Do not avoid the reality staring you in the face and learn to respond rather than collapse.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Can you hear that beating of the swords on the shields?

Do you feel the ground being pounded under the feet of the drums of war?

What is your response to a moment that is unthinkable?
How do you choose to move when everything inside is frozen in fear?
The answer is that you have two options, choice and no choice.
Standing still and watching a wave come and take you over has one clear outcome.
Moving and finding that power inside that refuses to collapse or be a victim to a circumstance has many outcomes.
Not all win but neither do all loose.
I choose to have an option rather than none.
I choose to fight for life as I believe life fights for us on a daily basis.
Take heed and know that upheaval is at hand in a global way that will impact everyone.

~Suzanne Wagner~




I had a dream last night that people were coming together. Because of a crisis, they had to and that I was so proud that I was surrounded by men and women of impeccable character, willingness, and capacity to work together. We were busy organizing and gathering people from many areas and getting them all to one place where we could as a community do what was necessary to make it through. Each person had a gift and talent and they were doing what they loved and doing what we needed to survive and thrive. I was watching as so many things were taking place and so many were arriving committed to “make it work”. I believe that time is coming and I believe that sometimes it is a crisis that pulls us together and reminds us that love and connection, work and hope, willingness and compassion are the pulse of life on this planet. Do you know those that you can depend upon? Know you have them. Open your eyes and see the love that is offered. Accept what is offered and open your heart to what is true and clear in its intention.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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