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Numerology/Astrology for 2/17/21                       

2/17/21 is the number = 15.

Add the 2 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 15. 1 + 5 = 6.

The Number 6 is introspective and self-reflective. The best quality of this number is that it is calming and soothing when it is done correctly. But for some that do not know how to be with themselves and in states of stillness, it can trigger deep-seated, unresolved, emotional patterns. But it creates a space for such emotions to be worked through, and when we learn to love those parts that we rejected or hid, then we become more whole and end up having more energy to work with to move forward rather than use that energy to suppress our past self.

The number 6 is about learning to embrace all that we are with the intention of unconditional love and respect. After all, if we cannot love all parts of ourselves, how can we ever learn to love others and accept what they offer into this world. Just because we do not understand someone’s gift does not mean that gift is not essential in the matrix that is this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today             

Saturn squares Uranus for the first out of four times. These planets will square again in June and November 2021, then again in October of 2022. This astrological pattern will impact everyone throughout 2021. Saturn wants stability and slow growth, but Uranus wants a revolution and change. We are in the process of manifesting a positive astrological shift that will have great value over time. Even though this pattern can display as clashes between the government and those with revolutionary intentions, this is a process of growth that will be necessary. Expect stresses to build because there is a need for freedom but also a need for stability. I believe we can have both, but there are always those that want to take things to the extreme. And that will not satisfy both of these planets.

I believe that innovative progress can be that freedom that so many are seeking. We can bring balance back in, but all systems require rules and codes of conduct. Originality and individuality are beautiful things, but they cannot undermine the essential elements that allow for stability and the processes that generate things building towards a future that will make our descendants proud.

Many things will be different as we move forward. As old patterns unravel and we learn to adapt to a massively changing environment, we look to finding a new balance between convention and innovation. Expect problems and complications. Nothing is simple when you are in a completely different world and one that has never existed previously.

One can feel that a lot is going on. Many things are happening below the surface. Some things you might be able to make sense of and others less so. This can cause frustration and feeling scattered. It is essential to be clear with others that from this point on, opinions are not necessary or important to the forward progression that will happen with or without them. Data is not only unreliable but intentionally manipulative. So it is best to keep such things entirely out of conversations. Know that you cannot count on some people that you expect to be in alignment with you. That is okay. There is no time to try to convince anyone anymore. Just go forward without them.

We have innovative planets in conservative signs, and we have conservative planets in progressive signs. This creates a problem. This causes an intensity as we grapple with concepts that never arose before in our life.

Mars semi-squares Chiron making things even more uncomfortable. Expressing emotions seems more problematic than smooth. Challenges arise no matter what your intentions. Expect misinterpretations all over the place. Do what you can to remain calm and open as things spill out,

While the Moon will be in the comfortable and stabilizing sign of Taurus, it also aligns with Uranus, making feelings not content with accepting what is offered.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Life has become a meditation of sorts.

A Vipassana where I learned what really supports.

The quiet is enjoyed in peaceful acceptance and love.

The chaos of the world something I was very tired of.

Now life flows in an easy way.

I can finally keep my ego at bay.

What once was so important to my soul.

Is revealed as a distraction and my ego’s goal.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What Covid-19 Taught Me!

I have learned patience in a way that is inclusive and kind.

I have learned that life does not have to be a daily grind.

I look at humanity with more compassionate eyes.

I look at conflicts and attempt to compromise.

I have learned that love takes time and space.

I have learned that peace is a choice in every place.

I see others with a meditative discernment.

I see that all moments can have an adjournment.

I have learned that kindness counts in all things sane.

I have learned that mean-ness leaves an energetic bloodstain.

I know that chaos requires us to agree.

But I would rather be peaceful and carefree.

I have taken on challenges that I pursued.

I have taken risks and wisdom accrued.

I look at life without malice or glee.

There is no place to run and nowhere to flee.

All the striving that my ego did demand.

Is seen as self-importance and a need to grandstand.

Those things that seemed so important in life.

Were simply tools intended to continue strife.

But now with grace and acceptance in my heart.

I believe that my life has been gifted a restart.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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  1. Deb 3 months ago

    You’re a dear one. Thank you for doing these faithfully every day.

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