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Numerology/Astrology for 2/19/21                       

2/19/21 is the number = 17.

Add the 2 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8.

The Number 8 makes us aware of the deep sadness that permeates this world. I am sending love and support to those in the deep south in the freezing temperatures. Homes are not built in a way that can handle such temperatures. There is so much happening for so many, and it just seems that there is no solution in sight. Yes, we will all come through this, but significant shifts need to happen as to how essential services are conducted in emergency times.  All these governmental, “for-profit” groups need to be re-evaluated and potentially shifted.

Services are not adequate for the people. Policies created to line the pockets of the rich are at the root of many problems. Those policies are always at the whim of big money. So sad.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today             

The goddess of love (Venus) squares with the god of war (Mars). It creates a type of competitive energy that makes days very long and requires tremendous effort to keep going. Tension and upset need to be expected. If you feel emotionally exhausted and drained, you are not alone. Many previous desires now appear as escapism and whims. That is disheartening for sure. We want to be realistic as to what is possible right now. Pipe dreams are not helpful.

The Sun is in Pisces and squares the Moon in Gemini. Notice all the tugs-of-war with the squares happening. Expect to feel the stress and strain, discord, and obstacles. Do what you can to help in any way possible.

The problems stand out, and that fuels tremendous disagreement and upset.

Perhaps practice a soft and gentle approach rather than get aggressive. There are many significant and very sensitive issues up. No matter what, it feels as if the timing is very off.

Everyone has value and everyone is important. We need to learn not to be at odds with reality. And we need to remember to be kind no matter what.

Do not make big purchases today. It may be an overreaction to external circumstances. While we want to feel better, big decisions are still in front of us.

The Moon is in Taurus attempting to comfort us, but it goes into Gemini at around 11 am, making the duality even more apparent. That can trigger many to step outside of appropriate social behavior.

Listen and try to be kind to all.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“If you are patient in one moment

of anger, you will escape

a hundred days of sorrow.”

~Chinese Proverb~


I am grateful to be living in this beautiful place. Yes, we have moments of pouring rains that pull trees down. Yes, we have fire dangers in this globally changing climate crisis. But there are moments when we have to sit in gratitude for what we have rather than worry about what we don’t have.

The way to kindness is in recognizing that we have something to share with others that can make small differences in their lives.

The other day, I drove into town to run errands, and I saw a man at the corner of Sherwood Road needing a ride. I knew that if he were still there after my errands, I would pick him up.

I had a mask, he had a mask and what is important is helping the elderly in such times. Even in this Covid-19 Crisis. He clearly was in pain and was having trouble with his back, and then he was attempting to carry groceries.

He was struggling. Anyone could notice that.

Sure enough, he was still there standing at the corner when I was done and I brought him into the car and took him home.

As he was talking, he said that he was 62 years old.

Well, I am 60 years old. That is when it hit me! This man had lived a hard life. His body was falling apart from the hardships and struggles of this life and he was clearly leaning towards the exit door.

While I have had my health challenges, I was grateful that my body was in much better shape and healthier on so many levels, even with the wear and tear of my ballet career and all the physical effort I put myself through.

It makes one appreciate what we have, once again. Health is worth everything.

When the body is suffering, it makes living life so much more difficult. I admire those that live with chronic pain. I wish we had a world where we could help them more than we do. I know that each of us will be challenged by our exit journey. And I pray for peaceful exits for all.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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