February 20, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 2/20/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/21/15

Today is the number 13/4. With the number 4 it is essential to take the ethical high road. You have to know that you are good enough and you have to trust that at the end of the day you have to live with your choices in life. There are lessons to be learned by standing in a place of integrity and high values. Sometimes it is not the outcome you want but it is more important to do what is right and what serves the evolution of your soul. Take all situations seriously and use your personal discipline to maintain order and allow a constructive pattern to evolve. Just a reminder that tomorrow on February 21st, Venus goes into Aries. and lets just say that Venus (the goddess of love, beauty, negotiation, and diplomacy) being in Aries (the god of war, conflict, drive, and energy) will not be happy and flowing under this intense strain. With the energy building today towards that end attempt to get certain things done before the going gets more difficult. Venus in challenging aspect to Jupiter this morning can stimulate impulsiveness with others and with money. Watch for overstating feelings and making empty promises. The Moon is in Aries all day, aligning with Uranus and squaring Pluto late afternoon. Venus and Mars, both in Aries, are nearing a conjunction, exact early into the day tomorrow. This will make you desires feel urgent, and your patience may not be what you want. Life will seem like a short fuse with a bomb at the end of it. Social relations are competitive and impassioned. In the extreme those interactions can become demanding or extreme. There can be a strong impulse to start something new or make something creative. Venus is diplomatic, gentle, romantic, and sensitive, while Mars is more forceful, sexual, and assertive. Venus can act to soften Mars’ aggressiveness, or Mars can make Venus’ romantic impulses more forceful and pressing. Impulsive purchases are possible.
~Suzanne Wagner~



True forgiveness is not a lack of discernment or the product of fuzzy thinking. In the words of A Course in Miracles, it is a “selective remembering”. We chose to remember the love we experienced, and let go of the rest as the illusion it actually was. This doesn’t make us more vulnerable to manipulation or exploitation; in fact, it makes us less so. For the mind that forgives is a mind that is closer to its true nature. The fact that I forgive you doesn’t mean you “won”. It doesn’t mean you “got away with something”. It simply means I’m free to go back to the light, reclaim my inner peace, and stay there.

~Marianne Williamson~

In life everyone is always following the pathway of their karma, their lessons, their joys and sorrows. Just because something was done to you does not mean it was done against you. Most people are doing things from a place of conscious and unconscious karma. They often do not know why they make certain choices or they have made up a story about why they are making those choices. Even when you think you understand your reasoning, at the end of the day you realize that the story you told yourself is actually only a part of the story. A deeper journey is always beaconing you forward.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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