February 19, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 2/20/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/20/16
2/20/16 is the number 4. The number 4 is about seeing the balance in all things. Even challenging moments are about finding a new type of center. We are always in a constant state of change. When you understand that you allow the universe to do it’s magic without adding an emotional meaning to it all. The Moon is in Leo all day, stimulating your need to stand out for your special qualities. A Sun-Pluto semi-square along with a Venus-Chiron semi-square today can point to some underlying tensions. Insecurities can be triggered if you feel any loss of personal power or if you are afraid of rejection. A tendency to want to control your life through some form of manipulation is strong but should be tamed. Blocks to intimacy are possible now as you focus on differences rather than similarities in your relationships with others. You might have a hard time learning from one another as a result. Relationships may be slightly strained now but you have the opportunity to identify your own blocks to success.
~Suzanne Wagner~
“There is no one out there that can tell me something about myself that I haven’t already examined. I have torn myself apart in my attempt to fix it all. In the end I realized that just like a beautiful patchwork quilt I am perfect in all my pieces, and I am in no need of fixing…just a little mend every now and then.
Finding where to be grateful in the middle of hardship is something that has been taught to me again and again by those reflections and people whom I admire and respect. In my life I am grateful to them all. And each time I work with acceptance and grace I rewire my brain and unravel my karmic habits.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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