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Numerology/Astrology for 2/21/18

2/21/18 is the number 7. It is all about organization. It is all about finding a structure that makes sense to you so that you can move forward with greater ease. People think that tight structures are about restriction but that is not always true. Tight structures build mental discipline which is often lacking in society. That mental discipline is there to show that when things are in order, your mind is in order and there is a type of relaxation that happens. You can then use that energy in other, more creative ways. While life in general has elements of chaos that run through it. That chaos is also there as raw energy for you to utilize and learn to work with and harness. Sometimes that energy is for you to channel it in a way that serves the greater good. Sometimes that energy is there for you to learn to open to a power greater than your own mind. Sometimes that power is there to force you to reach deeper inside and discover hidden abilities that you did not know you had until you were challenged. Regardless, learn to clear enough space so that you can have calm moments with which to work with new patterns and to make changes that can work more effectively in your life. When you understand your own inner patterns and you also understand the patterns that are not working, then it is up to you to make those patterns change.
A conjunction of Venus and Neptune happens today in the sign of Pisces, and this is a gentle, subtle, and imaginative influence. Let yourself experience a heightened sensitivity to, and awareness of, the beauty and spirituality in this world. And then you might feel renewed on some essential creative levels that you put to the side for a while. Know that you are easily influenced and seduced by this energy circulating. Know that the power of seduction is strong right now. Use this to strengthen your powers of imagination. You are particularly attuned to the world of beauty so enjoy it and allow it to open your eyes and lift your spirit. Psychic openness and compassion are themes in your interactions. This can be a magical time on a romantic and social level, but it could also be a confusing or illusory influence as well. However, a Mercury-Saturn sextile is also in play today, and it helps ground you, at least on a mental level. This transit promotes a deliberate and efficient approach to the world. You see the benefits of getting organized, making lists, attending to details, and making sound judgments and decisions. The Moon spends the day in stable, gentle Taurus.

~Suzanne Wagner~




As a child I never imagined that
all of the real monsters in the world
would be humans.

~Mobeen Hakeem~




The truth of being
cannot be grasped by ideas
or experiences.
Both waves and stillness
are the manifest activity
of your own self.
But self cannot be defined
by its activity
nor by its non-activity.
The truth is all-transcendent,
ungraspable, all-inclusive
and closer than your own skin.

A single thought about it
obscures its essence.
The perfume of true life
is right in your nose.
There is nothing you can do
to perceive it
and yet you must do something.
I say:
Rest and be taken.
Rest and be taken.



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