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Numerology/Astrology for 2/21/21                       

2/21/21 is the number = 10.

Add the 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 10.

The Number 10 asks us to dig deep and discover that which we have denied. There is something within us that is a driving force. That driving force pushes us to beyond our known reality. There are always reserve sources of power that have gone untapped. Some of those are within, and some of those are in the ethers surrounding us. I learned a long time ago that my life-force energy was not enough to make it through most challenges in my life. But when I tapped into the universal source and took in the energy surrounding us, I had a source of unlimited energy that I could learn to mold and shape into those things I desired.

Today, look within to see where energy could support you in the next expansion of inner and outer potential. And also learn to breathe into the massive power that is in nature and that surrounds each and every one of us. When we learn to move with both of these forces of energy, we can become an unstoppable and driven manifestation of human potential.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today             

The Moon will be (all day) in Gemini until bedtime. This aspect supports better communication and stimulates our curiosity. Look at all things with a unique perspective. That helps us learn to appreciate others and not judge.

Venus and Pallas align in Aquarius, and this makes us want to connect with others. Especially those that share our same passions and creative instincts. It is always fun to find others who are on a similar path.

We are building a type of interconnectivity, a matrix that supports more than just ourselves.

Tonight the Moon goes into the comfort-seeking sign of Cancer, making tomorrow a great day for families coming together in fun ways. My favorite is to do something in the kitchen together. I think kitchens are the heart and soul of a home. And a Moon in Cancer loves to eat.

~Suzanne Wagner~


About Passion

The Divine embraces all passion.

It requires one to act that passion out in order to feel it.

A passionless person is an empty vessel.

Passion is essential for long-lasting success.

Passion is a fire that will consume everything in its wake.

The most beautiful woman is one unafraid to show her passion.

In music, passions are free. They lift the spirit and inspire humanity to greatness. Or reflect the most profound sentiment of the human soul.

In dance, passions are primal. They are the embodiment of humanity’s emotional complexity. They are fragile and fleeting. Grasped in a moment and captured in the heart.

In painting, passions are inspired and show a captured moment in time. A tangible glimpse into a past never to be forgotten.

Passion is the voice of the earthly realm.

Passions are virtues and vices; a phoenix determined to burn the old self away and allow for something new to emerge.

Passions burn in such a way that suffering is expected and sought out. They are a quest for gratification, eternally on edge, and never fully satisfied.

Those without passions reveal their weakness rather than strength.

Passion cares not for the laws of man.

Fear is a passion whose intention is to rob the soul of its power to manifest in the world.

All passion becomes great strength when it finds a direction, a clear channel, and an eventual outlet.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I think in my life, my passions have always been strong. I have been a person who feels compelled to strive beyond the restrictions and limitations that anyone ever placed upon me.

I never believed in the opinions of others as a defining point of clarity. To me, all opinions were clouded distortions of another’s patterns of wounding and a visceral manifestation of their fears.

I understand why there are those people who fear passion.

Passion lives in the physical world where survival is dependent upon spontaneous choices and fervent purpose.

Passion is the fuel of nature and is ruled by the Divine Feminine.

Passion seems to want to overtake reason and the rational mind.

And it is stronger than the mind.

Passion has forever broken the rules and laws created by man as a means to control the populace.

But I cannot imagine a life where there was no passion.

When passions inflame my heart and soul, I will leap into action without regard for whether I win or lose.

Because that is not what passion is.

Minds want to win. Minds want to succeed. Minds what to prove their worth.

Passion wants to share, engage, experience, wonder, marvel at life, and become one with others, nature, and life itself.

Passion wants a memory, not money.

Passion is a call to do something, even if it puts us in danger.

Passion is relentless in confronting that which is just wrong.

Passion can point out skewed logic.

Passion is ferocious in getting to the bottom of an issue.

Without passion, nothing in this world would have ever changed.

Passion brings us fully into this moment.

Passion would rather taste the kisses of today than wait for the rewards of heaven later.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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