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Numerology/Astrology for 2/23/20

2/23/20 is the number 11. If you add the 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.

The expansions and contractions of the number 11/2 continue. I wish they would stop the extreme swinging but that seems not to be the case. None of us would have ever believed we would be living through such a moment in history but here we are. Life does not promise to give you everything you want. Sometimes it gives you the unexpected. It gives you a real mental and emotional test. One that makes no sense at times. The biggest lessons are always a surprise. The ability to shift moment to moment is a skill worth learning. Sometimes things (at the moment) will not make sense. But you have to make a delicious anyway. You cannot make those decisions easily and you may second guess them afterwards. Just remember that you are doing the best you can in every moment. You are human. You will make mistakes and fail. But that does not mean that you intended to do harm.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Pisces New Moon begins around breakfast time on Sunday. With the New Moon and aligning with the Mercury retrograde. Retrogrades are bout review and reflecting about what we say (Mercury) and how we say it. You may want to pull back from the world to look way forward towards your higher vision. You really feel like you need some space. Some might take this energy and have it impact you in a moody and irritable way. Just remember to direct all choices in the direction of peace. The Moon in Pisces is trying to connection your intuitive abilities into the real world. Expect difficulties in the outer world as it continues to push too many things on you. The planets are in the mood of strong action and adapting to the unexpected. Things are going to constantly shift. If you are ready for it you will not be surprised or taken off guard. Venus is challenging your love areas and money issues.  Jupiter is urging cautious expansion but you may feel a bit out of place as you do that expansion. It is important to open to new possibilities just don’t drop that which is working for you in the present moment. Today is a balancing act as you reach beyond the material world and into a more magical world. While it can be frustrating, know that you must still deal with these constant twists and turns.

The Moon sextile Uranus giving you more ability to persuade others and make yourself come across as original in your perspective and determination.

Venus in Aries square Jupiter can make you careless and rushed. Slow down, Take your time. Enjoy the flow. It is pointless to try to get everything done quickly.

The Moon conjuncts Mercury in Pisces. While your judgement is sound the combinations are putting you under great emotional stress.

Promote peace in your world at all costs. Dream of a world where there is no hate and that humanity begins to walk a more conscious path. Know that this astrology creates obstacles and delays for the next 6 months. Know all progress is going to be slow and harrowing. You may have to step back in order to step forward later. Don’t overstate anything. I know it will be hard but learning self-control in such an emotional world is essential in being able to handle what is coming towards us.
~Suzanne Wagner~


We are a blink of an eye
in the cycles of time.
The universe has a level of patience
that we cannot fathom.
The rush we feel is because it is us
that has the limited time.
We live and breathe, thrive and die
in a millisecond of universal time.
It is interesting how much
self-importance we believe we have.
And while we can do great things
in a short period of time,
The greater question is will we?
~Suzanne Wagner~


There are always many types of people in the world. Those that try at all costs to do good and to do what is right. But there are also those completely opposite that believe that the way to power is through manipulation, control, hate, and fear. The extremes are easy to spot. Unless you are one of the vast numbers of people that are caught in between. There are many that believe that they are doing good in wanting to control others into doing what they want. These are good people who wrongfully believe that what they believe is exclusively right. They end up doing bad things because of the unhealed levels of fear within their own souls. These are the people that can do the bidding of very evil people. Believing all the while that they are doing what is necessary to maintain order and control as they see it. The only way to control a large population is not through fear but through opportunity, education, equality, and laws that punish those that do things with the intention of causing great harm to any form of life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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