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Numerology/Astrology for 2/25/20

2/25/20 is the number 4. If you add the 2 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 13. 1 + 3 = 4.

In moments peace and inner balance can come down to something simple such as proper sleep. I have notices that I am having trouble sleeping also. So I have shifted my sleep routine around so I go into a deeper sleep. I am grateful for the many things (herbal) out there for sleep. What used to work no longer works. So I have to move past the old habits and into new options. Harmony and balance is a constantly changing equation. Bodies change, energies change, emotions change. All these things are important to know that they do change. Adaptability is critical to survival. Each of us seeks harmony and balance. For everyone that is different. Find yours.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Mercury Retrograde continues to bring insights into old problems. Situations continue to complicate matters. While these new insights can be exciting but there is an uncertainty as to how to progress.

New perspectives help us become more complicated in our outlook. All choices have impact for better or for worse.

Take a look at what you are fighting for. Ask if it supports your long-term growth.

Mercury is coming into a sextile with Mars early tomorrow. What do you want to communicate to others? What are you learning? What did you come to teach? You may notice that you are more aware and self-focused. Enthusiasm is there as you discover new things.

The Moon sextile Pluto in the middle of the night. Adventure and strong actions are awakening you to a new way. Let your dreams carry you into new places.

The Moon in Pisces sextiles Saturn. Be deliberate in your actions. Care in choices makes all the difference.

The Moon goes into Aries at lunchtime. You might get a burst of energy and have confidence in your actions. You are assertive and you can take on things that you have needed to do.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury. Your concentration is strong and your memory is remarkable. Use it to accomplish those goals.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Sometimes you have to stop controlling
everything around you. You may be
resisting a magic that might happen
to you without your knowledge
~Karthik Krishnamurthy~


With so much happening in the world right now, I contemplate about one of the constants of the universe, which is synchronicity and magic. I believe that within our psyche we recognize that this world was designed to explore the presence and powers of magic that exist within this dimension. And I believe there was a time that much more magic was available to us.

But something happened.

Some form of abuse of power corrupted the magic and for whatever reason it broke that magic into much smaller chunks and diffused that magic everywhere. In this wind, in songs, in poetry, in dance, in music, in art, in painting, in sculpture, in writing, etc. And the ability to concentrate that energy was limited to some times and certain periods of duration.

One person could never hold it for very long. That was because humanity never learned self-control, mental discipline, and a strength of moral character. And even those with great abilities to balance that out for a while, eventually fall into the pits of dark energy that breaks down the morals and values of even those with the best of intentions.

(There is a great book, “The Power Paradox” that I highly recommend. It describes so much of what is going on right now.)

I believe that when we sleep and dream, we remember our birthright, “magic”! I believe that our myths and stories reflect that deep knowing, “magic”! But somehow we have lost the discipline to hold onto it and carry it forward in this dimension and time.

I wonder if a few could learn that mental discipline and understand how to focus energy in constructive ways, then we could build back up the foundations and principles that magic requires to return to this world.

There is so much that exists that moves in random ways. We live in a dimension where we seem to want to control chaos but the chaos ends up controlling us.

To me the first rule of magic is the ability to concentrate energy, matter, light, and dreams into the physical universe. Then to be able to mold and shape them as they evolve and shift. Directing that energy in ways that are like the banking of a river. Always allowing that river of magic to flow but knowing how to direct it and organize the flow into consistent and usable patterns.

Clearly we lack a key ingredient to make that powerful force of concentrated magic to return. Clearly, we will not be given that honor again until we learn to respect each other and all the elements in this world. I am afraid the we are not close to being there. I am sure humanity has not evolved to the place where pure magic is allowed to manifest at this time. All I can do is work on myself to bring that magic deep into my heart like a seed. Allow it is rest and germinate should the conditions be right. And then continue to be meticulous to the rules of power. To never let anything take me away from remembering that all life is magic. All life holds some of that magic and if we allow those creatures and lifeforms to vanish, a part of the magic vanishes with them and will never return, ever, in that form.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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