February 28, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 2/29/20 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/29/20

2/29/20 is the number 8. If you add the 2 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8.

Sorrow is the cost of rampant arrogance and ignorance. Such is this moment. The moment when you realize too late that the signs you ignored were not only important but critical to the forward progress. Now, response cannot be fast enough. This is that critical moment when you begin to understand that you were warned. You were told over and over again. And now you cannot blame anyone but yourself. But it is not about blame it is about inaction within the obvious. It is about believing what you want to believe when everything in life, nature, and the world is showing you something else. There is a time that you can not avoid what is already in play but you can protect that which is important to you. Focus there. Preparedness is never a bad thing. It is those that think ahead that make it through difficult times. Innovation only comes when you see a problem ahead of time and then take action to counter-act a negative force before it becomes systemic and out of control
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is still in Taurus. Making comfort the most important thing for your sanity and well-being. I personally am taking off for a hot spring. Soaking and detoxing in the hot water might be just what the doctor ordered. Such things make me reprioritize my reality. Make me see what is most important in this moment. Being happy, keeping thins simple, and enjoying the humanness of life is essential to reconnect to those things that really mean something.

The Moon is trining Jupiter which is favorable but temporary. Take advantage of this moment. It is short lived but it might be the most essential thing in your world. Satisfaction comes from being fully in the now. Let the experiences of this moment shape your understanding and allow you to grow in gentle ways. While you have a higher purpose, it may need to be put on the back burner temporarily.

March 2020 Astrology Forecast:

While we are moving into spring and the beginning of that happens this month. While official it starts on March 20th you are going to feel the change in the air right now. Mercury continues to be retrograde until the 9th. Know the unexpected will continue to reap havoc on the world at this time. You cannot control it but you can be as prepared as possible. There is a Full Moon on March 9th and it will bring you into a creative mindset. However, this messenger Planet will move backwards from psychic Pisces into scientist Aquarius on the 4th. More emphasis will push us to need and use the Aquarian overview and perspective. This Pisces influence may have made you feel spacey or off in a fog these past few weeks. Some might have had great trouble sleeping.  But this Aquarius Mercury tells you it is time to get your logical brain moving again. It is time to look at the facts and only the facts. While you may want to open to new ideas and new people now, there will be a tremendous communications breakdown which will only begin to ease off on the March 9 Full Moon. This will be the first of three Super Moons. Expect intense and  interesting emotions come to the surface. To say it is about to be messy is an understatement. Thank Goodness, Venus will move into Taurus, (Venus loves being in Taurus), on the 4th. This adds to the concept of “get real” and the other qualities of earth element energy due to 5 other planets being in earthy Capricorn and Taurus. Think now, of all the practical things you need to maintain comfort and ease. While you will want tangible results, too many planets are grinding into the icy winter sign and stubborn and unmoving earth signs. Everything is tryin to give you a hit as to what you need to do right now. With Saturn temporarily moving into Aquarius on March 21st until July 1st, it is the teaser about what is to give you a hint about what is coming this year through 2021 when the restructuring planet fully moves into the sign of higher ideals and revolutions. On the New Moon on March 24th, with the Sun and Moon forming a close bond to Aries, expect something highly controversial. Words will be heated and highly charged. Arguments are to be expected. You will see a major change in attitude and action. And you may not like what you experience. The Boy Scout motto is the only one to pay attention too. “Be prepared!” Take an honest look at the real things you will need to protect yourself and your family.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Preparedness is never a bad thing.
It is those that think ahead that make
it through difficult times.
Innovation only comes when you
see a problem ahead of time
and then take action to counter-act
a negative force before it becomes
systemic and out of control
~Suzanne Wagner~


Intuitive Patterns for the Month of March 2020

(A side note that I wrote this article at the beginning of January 2020. I find it interesting now under the new light of the Coronavirus.) 

Without trying to be morbid, this month is about embracing the many faces of death. Sometimes death is a metaphor for something that the ego is holding onto and refusing to let go. Often, that thing has already outgrown its usefulness but the process of letting it go can feel like a death to an old identity. Big changes are required this month and what will precipitate it will not be pleasant.

Such deaths can be very painful. Sometimes things are ego deaths. And even ego deaths can be more painful than expected. Deaths are associated with denying something obvious that is a natural process. Such disregard can cause humanity and this world to incur greater suffering. 

Clinging to an idea that is no longer real causes depression and despair. Hope arises and new life begins when you see a problem and begin to anticipate what will be needed to move into a new level of expression and experience.

A large beautiful redwood tree may die and fall over but it becomes fertile ground for moss to grow and it softens the ground under your feet.

Deaths are not bad. But they are nature demanding change.

Burdens can be lifted when you allow the process of death to bring acceptance into the obvious surrender that needs to happen in your manner, behaviors, and being.

You will be forced to recognize where you desire control but perhaps no longer have it. Forgiveness is essential to this metaphorical death that is happening this month. Something has been outgrown that served you well. Just like the chrysalis that you grew to protect you while you transformed into a butterfly. But that chrysalis needs to be surrendered and left behind in the joyous expansion of awakening.

Such a moments cause mourning and a type of celebration.

Muluc is the image of an eclipse. In this card, it appears that the Sun is swallowing the Moon. Such energy can make you feel lost, forgetful, confused, and alarmed. Sleep is disturbed by intense dreams of anxiety.

Where in your world are you ignoring the elements of power (the Sun), and suppressing your deeper feelings (the Moon), intuition, and ancient wisdom?

Do you hear the cries of humanity?

Do you notice what is happening in this world?

Do you care about this worlds’ children?

I wish awareness would awaken without suffering. But our personal routine, mental beliefs, and habits blind us from the truth.

It often takes huge events to make us awaken to the troubles that eat away and the tenuous stability that is our world.

While there are many forms that death can take, in the end, unity emerges as a force of unconditional love that reminds us that we are all human beings. We all live and feel on this planet. We all have that spark of divinity that ignites this body. We are all a part of the mystery that seeks to explain the infinite. In all our expressions we are light seeking to understand life.

But when fear is denied and the mind is allowed to make up stories that divide and separate, then conflicts arise, and all conflicts distort and then magnify into more suffering. There are moments when that suffering cannot be ignored. This month will be one of them.

You cannot drink suffering away.

You will not be able to escape into some mental illusion.

You must resist the forces that tear at the critical balances in life.

The fools in this world are of two types.

The conscious fools and the unconscious ones. The unconscious fools follow paths that make no sense and have no substance. They have no ability be discern fact from fiction and allow themselves to be used as tools for patterns that tear apart rather than unify. Deep in their core they have massive amounts of unresolved anger, wounding, and grief. And they cannot see that they project that suffering that was inflicted upon them, now onto the world.

The conscious fools know that at this time in history we have to step off the cliff of the old reality and find a new and different way through the present challenges. They see that the old ways clearly are not working and the new ways are in front of us. They know that we must grab this moment because it may not come again. They know that we have to reach out for the illusive potential that is within the grasp of mankind. Once we have a handle to hold, we must not let go.

The very life of this planet as we know it … is at stake.

We are in a moment when the only path is forward. And that direction holds no guarantees but we do have the awareness that the past hold only forms of death.

The world seeks a new balance. And that balance will take great strength to manifest in such a climate of chaos, turmoil, fear, illness, and hate.

Watch for those tricksters in life. Notice where you fall into your own traps. Foolishness creates folly. Notice those that stink but try to make you believe that they are a rose.

This month it becomes clear that certain things are going to cause great suffering.
Many things are not going to be funny.

Be prepared for many deceptions coming your way. Make sure that you are prepared. There will be those that take aggressive action to attempt to push you into old fears and places where you become lost and confused.

In that moment, humanity will have no choice but to push back. You will have to fight for the truth. This is a month where you will have to use unconventional means to persist in curing what is ailing you and your world.

Complaining and whining will get you nowhere.

Expect a global event to ignite in anger as false realities comes crumbling down.

Expect people to be fuming at feeling helpless, unsupported, lied to, and misdirected.

Regardless this month will show aggressive actions of some kind coming at you and your family. 

Healing sometimes needs aggressive actions to save lives. Raging infections need the heat of fire to burn away the infection threatening the life it is attached to.

This month, that journey towards healing will require a type of courage and bravery that has never been asked of you. You will have to be willing to do what is necessary. This is no longer just about you. But this world in which we live.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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