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Astrology/Numerology for 2/3/18

2/3/18 is the number 7. Anxiety comes from not knowing what to do. When you have a plan, even a plan that is going to have to shift and change a lot, it will calm your nervous system down. Never think that your plan is going to be the only or the final plan. It is just the beginning of a map that helps you define what is the next, most important step along your personal karmic journey. People stress out even more thinking that they have to have everything figured out. And I understand how calming it is to feel as if you know. But as a psychic, in these tremendously tumultuous times, I have learned that the energy of this world is shifting in dramatic and lurching ways that are breaking all the rules of definition. Never has it been, almost an essential skill, to learn how to be fully present in the moment and to be satisfied with small steps rather than larger, long term plans. Each of us have stepped out of our old bubble of perception. We are stretched beyond anything we ever expected or even know. That is extremely un-nerving and takes a great trust in the universal process of life. This number 7 wants a plan but what if the plan is beyond your present level of understanding and awareness? How do you move when you really cannot see where you are going? You feel into the flow. You trust your heart, morals, and values. Knowing full well, that standing up for those are going to potentially generate resistance from others. Knowing full well, that you are not going to be in the agreement field of everyone. Knowing full well, that others are just as confused and seeking a plan just like you. Knowing full well, that some are so afraid, that your believing something different registers as a threat to their safety, even when you have no intention of hurting anyone.

Mars forms a semi-square with Pluto this morning, expect your desires to be intense. It may be difficult to satisfy the deep yearnings of your soul as there are so many out there right now that feel how something is building and they want to make changes but there is no clear direction to go into. My motto is if you don’t know …. don’t go. So many things are in flux and it is wise to look and know the clear direction before you leap into the storm and chaotic waters in which we find ourselves. Try to restrict a tendency to bully and confront others that see differently than you. There are so many with a very short fuse right now that “poking the bear” is a really bad idea. Expect your efforts to make changes externally to be thwarted and you could have power struggles emerge. Deeper feelings arise suddenly and could be highly disruptive. Others around you and yourself may be overreacting or going to extremes. Try to reign in that excessive tendency. The trick is to be as flexible as possible and to develop strategies for achieving your goals rather than reacting in the moment. Thank goodness we have a Mercury-Mars sextile helping us out. This gives you a drive to communicate and allows you to be especially alert, observant, and resourceful. The thoughts running around in your mind are busy and your speech is enthusiastic. There is a desire to quickly get to the point and come to a decision and conclusion. Unfortunately, the desire is there but the facts to make a congruent choice may not be. You want to “walk the talk” and get those ideas going. This can be a very productive time. However, as the day advances, you are under the influence of a Venus-Jupiter square, and feelings of elation or restlessness in love or with regards to the pleasures of life can lead you to overdo, overindulge, overspend, and overstate what you are feeling. You need someone to listen and you need to feel as if others are paying attention. Reign in the impulsive spending. Know that quick reactions to stimuli are probably not really clear choices and can bite you later. You may want to procrastinate under this influence, and yet, you can also be a little braver in social settings. The Sun aligns with the true South Node of the Moon, so you may find that you are still trying to cling to the old and comfortable ways of doing things. Reminding everyone, the past is past and each of us is embarking on a very new journey. You are traveling an uncharted road in your psyche and because of that you must remain awake and diligent. The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 4:47 PM EST when it transits Libra.

~Suzanne Wagner~




You have a child’s eyes and wonder.
That is why you cannot
remember those past lives.
You have a soul that is ancient and wise.
That is why you are compelled
to reach beyond the limitation of your mind.
You have within you the essence from another star.
That is why you intuitively know
there is so much more.
You have such a deep desire to connect hearts
That is because you know that is the only mission.

~Suzanne Wagner~




This is a difficult time when the only structure you can rely upon is that each person is trying to have safety and security. Their methods are going to differ from yours. But you have to learn to see beyond the fear that is inside of others that is projecting outwards in ways that might be contrary to what you are attempting to do. The more extreme the person’s position the more terrified they are and the potentially more dangerous they are to this world and all of life. Within each of us we have a reptilian brain that can get triggered into believing it is about life and death. And then from that primal brain they no longer respond to any logic. Their only response is to protect what they believe is necessary to survive. All this toxic rhetoric is extremely dangerous because the more extreme things get the more the painful it will be when the rubber band snaps back. Such moments will be treacherous and extremely dangerous for all of life. I am not sure how we come back together as this pattern seems to be tearing the world apart more and more. I cannot see an end or a compromise. Sometimes you see a moment in time where a much more powerful force is in charge and is going to take those that hold extreme positions all the way to the edge and break down everything in their world before they are willing to change. I pray for the animals and the air. I pray for the trees and the oceans. The human arrogance and greed is so shocking to me at this moment in time. I know there are many good people. I know there are so many like myself attempting to bring a balance into the mix. But it clearly is not just up to us. It is up to a greater force that is teaching a lesson to those locked in desperation and fear, yet they do not know it and they are hiding behind philosophies, religions, and beliefs that are not grounded in reality and that they have molded into the shape of their fears and prejudices to feel justified, vindicated, and righteous. May the divine have mercy on us all.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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