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Numerology/Astrology for 2/3/20

2/3/20 is the number 9. If you add the 2 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 9.  You cannot expect perfect situations or circumstances to be the incentive for you to move towards your personal next level of completion. In fact, most of the time, you are asked to complete even when those circumstances seem to work against you. Such is the case for everyone on a global scale. We are in a time of extremes and the normal sense of accomplishment and completion is not really going to manifest the way it always has. And yet, you still must find a way. You have the clarity within if you are willing to seek past the information and chaos that is generated by minds and egos. You know what is right and wrong. No one can tell you to be something that you are not built to be. Stay true to your core consciousness and essence. Then somehow you will find a way.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Beginnings and endings in astrology magnify things. On Monday, Mercury moves into Pisces, and you will feel torn between your mind and your heart.  This is the sign it will be in during his retrograde cycle (along with the tail end of Aquarius). This is the moment to rethink your higher vision for yourself and that includes improving your intuitive abilities. It is a time when you could neglect your own interests and you might be feeling outward rather than inward. While that is not bad, you must remember to take care of you. You want to do small things that promote beauty in your life. Be a good listener. Bring fresh flowers into the house. Do things that remind you of the fabulous things in your life.

The Moon ending its cycle in Taurus and it might make you look at where you are inconsistent and hasty.

The Moon goes into Gemini in the early morning and it allows your mind to be more curious and responsive. It is time to try something different. No matter what, pivot and shift out of habits and into the experiences that will promote connection, learning, and better communication.

Venus in Pisces sextile Saturn. While this promotes loyalty and sincerity. It will also allow you to be more thorough and accurate in a very controlled and persistent way. You have to put some effort in right here. While you want to be unobtrusive and simply, it seems that the world continues to careen out of control.

Overall, each of us is hyper tuned into the world of emotion. While that is overwhelming for some, it is important to have the skill to feel past your own needs and wants. Without the ability to feel others, compassion is obsolete and no longer a driving force for awakening. The focus going forward is about security, steadiness, and loyalty. Align with the things that give your body balance and support in these mentally and emotionally trying times. Appreciate those that stand with you. Be conservative with your money and stay on top of those important things.
~Suzanne Wagner~


There will come a time that is past all the lies.
Where humanity will have to see with their own eyes.
What they have done and the destruction that they are.
The long-standing history of a horrific memoir.
The potential for change was always there.
But in too many, courage was too much to bear.
Healing will happen but this one will take a long time.
Because  those that lied, were with evil aligned.
Evil is a poison that seeps in the soul.
Once it is in, it takes a lengthy stroll.
It eats the good and feeds on fear.
It tears down love and makes hate premier.
I pray not for man but the creatures of earth
For they will have to do the greatest rebirth.
It matters not if we are still here
Because enough do not see nor can they hear.
Perhaps the lesson will have to be this harsh
To get enough people out and to march.
Without the kindness as the form.
Life will continue to resist reform.
~Suzanne Wagner~


In this lifetime I have always been a person who deeply and intuitively knew the pitfalls of power and politics. I am sure in other lifetimes; I was in the thick of such things because I always see past the pretense and ego. I do not believe what someone is offering. I always look past the agenda and into the intention and the shadow that is fueling that agenda.
I was never impressed by wealth, power, intellect, or spiritual skill because I know that such things really do not mean as much as some would believe.

Wealth can be inherited and not actually earned. Such situations allow for a person who has not done the work to earn the money and to have a particular type of ego that is always too full of itself. That type of person will believe that they are special and deserving of getting anything and everything they want. Which is never true.

I am not impressed by power because anyone can learn a magical skill that allows for the promotion of power, but rarely can anyone use it with integrity. There are always those few who do and I adore hanging out with them in an atmosphere of exploration, connection, and potential.

I am not impressed by intellect because those that are often the smartest in a specific way, often do not have common sense. They exist in an existential world within their own mind. They often cannot relate to real people, real issues, or problems. For some reason in this life, I attract those with very high IQ’s and while it is fascinating to hang out on that very cosmic level of intelligence, I believe that ideas need to be actualized to really have any meaning or value. Living in the world of the mind can end up amounting to nothing in the physical world. It may have vastness but without substance it becomes vacuous.

And I am not impressed with those who have spiritual skill because these people find a tool that works on a variety of levels and then often believe that the tool has the skill. They believe it is like a magic pill or bullet. Tools have the power that you give them. And not all tools and teachings align with the experiences that a soul needs to awaken. Not one spiritual path works for everyone. In fact, in a majority of people they need a mixing and a blending of many spiritual practices to unhook themselves from their karmic suffering.
I see so much spiritual arrogance in the world. Small minds and young souls who believe that their way is the right and only way, projecting that righteousness onto others in aggressive and demanding ways. Believing that they are doing good when they are projecting only their own fear and need onto others.
No matter what, demanding that others believe as you do is never going to gain the results you seek. You can only present a unified field of congruent and balanced energy from your own quest and journey through life. Those that align with that will be attracted to you. Those that are not either ready for that path, aligned with such a path, or open to change will never connect with you or believe anything you say. And that does not mean you are not accurate. But you are not on the level that can get past another’s defenses at that moment. Not everyone is ready. Not everyone can hear. Not all souls will shift in this lifetime. And that is as it should be. You cannot tell another soul who to love or when they are ready. You can only be at peace within yourself, follow your path, listen to your intuition, care for others, stay open to the magic in each moment, and speak truth from a compassionate heart.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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