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Astrology/Numerology for 2/4/18

2/4/18 is the number 8. It is Sunday. Breathe deeply and try to let this past week go. While it was an emotional roller coaster it was also a time of recognizing that some of your past coping mechanisms are not working and need to be changed because of changing circumstances. If you did not already clearly recognize, you are in a very different time and space. Old patterns are not going to be effective in moving through this type of energy. You can only do it if you completely know yourself and your core intention and mission. That center aligns your boat in these tumultuous waters are will allow you to stay afloat as these big waves hit you. Your only choice is to point your shift in the direction of your dream and ride the waves, hopefully to cut through the storm eventually. And hang on. Sometimes the fastest way through a storm is to go right through the center.
Being between the eclipses is always a struggle but being between those in the Leo/Aquarius axis can feel even a bit zanier. I like to think of being in between the eclipses as being on a boat between two rocky shores and the waves pound me one direction then the other. It feels like you are in a huge washing machine and that energy is designed to wash out all the dirty laundry and all the hidden things that have been living in your dark closets. While this time is clearly constructed for greater soul growth and inner awareness it also wants you to take a look at what you want in your life related to relationships and agreements. But eclipse cycles tend to reveal what has been hidden and that is often not so great. That is why you hid it in the first place. Expect those in your life to be feeling more agitated and tears will be close to the surface. You see what you don’t want to see. You realize the huge flaw in your thinking and perception. You reveal what has been concealed. It makes for a messy few weeks so be kind and know that this pattern is not ending any time soon. It will be about learning to pace yourself and taking all events and the following choices, one at a time and moment to moment. The Moon is in Libra all day, forming a lovely trine to the Sun in Aquarius tonight. You wish to be cooperative, gracious, and friendly under these influences. Balancing your personal desires with those of another may come into sharp focus. While Mercury and Mars parallel this morning, this stimulates a more spontaneous and forthright approach to your communications. As the day progresses, you will feel more in control and your actions more deliberate, as well as, strategic. With Saturn forming a trine to Pallas, you are seeking wisdom in some of the old traditional methods. This can help you bring structure and solid design to your projects. For this moment your judgment seems more sound under this influence.

~Suzanne Wagner~




People don’t like love, they like that flittery flirty feeling.
They don’t love love – love is sacrificial, love is ferocious, it’s not emotive.
Our culture doesn’t love love, it loves the idea of love.
It wants the emotion without paying anything for it.

~Matt Chandler~




There is a feeling deep inside
that must reveal what you have tried to hide.
There is a sickness deep in the soul
that cannot decide what is real to hold.
You are at a loss and you will not find
what is missing or has not been defined.
You are to seek and search within.
You are to recover what might have been.
There are stories to tell when this journey is done.
But not until you have let it begun.
Those of you frozen and trapped
in that fear that your mind has mapped.
Will not find the door you so desperately seek,
until you are willing into the darkness to peek.
You have all the tools you need to find.
They are not outside and you don’t need a hard climb.
But you do need a type of courage and strength
to look beyond all those thoughts that you think.
The answer you seek can never be found
because it is not hidden outside, underground.
It waits in the place you refuse to go.
It watches you struggle as you try again to know.
It will not come out while such chaos reigns.
Its precious gifts cannot bear the strain.
Of all that ego that fights and yells
it would rather sit in this darkness that dispels.
You have this moment to decide to go
into the places you are afraid to know.
You are a God. You are a demon.
You are a free adventurous seaman.
Let yourself know all the faces and masks.
Let your mind discover that your soul is up to the task.

If you wait and refuse to move.

You will never be able to improve.
Do you like where you sit now?
Are you aligned with the nature of Tao?
If you are hurt, in pain, and afraid,
You are not free of your minds parade.
Because your soul is made of light and love.
When you are home you will never try to get rid of.
Rid of those who reflect to you
parts and patterns that you do not want to accrue.
Every path is leading a way home.
Every twist and turn that roams
through the density of karmic fate
will lead you to your own divine state.
And in that place your potential waits
for you to stumble through that gate.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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