February 4, 2015

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“I rain because your meadows call for Love.”

Numerology/Astrology for 2/5/15
Today is the number 6. This is a day to connect to your deepest loving heart. Your heart is the connection between the earthly plane and the higher domains of awareness. It is your love that makes that connection happen. It is your love that continues to anchor you to this dimension. The power of your heart is what brought you here and is what sustains you. For some of you that love is family, mates, children, jobs, etc. But for others that connection can also be nature, self, spirit, adventure, or philosophy. Today, identify what it is that you love about earth, what you love about your life, and what juices you up each and every day. So often I hear when people have been suicidal that it is the love of something that pulls them back. Those things are often children, mates, and those that we can feel the heartstrings to. Those heartstrings are essential in supporting a network of filaments that allow us to belong, feel safe, and what we rely of for support. Yet for others that connection to spirit, nature, and our mission and purpose is what draws us back into our heart and earth connection. So notice where your love is centered in your life. What makes life interesting and a draw for you to be here? Once you identify that then do more of it. Follow your hearts yearning and discover how deeply you can embody into the here and now. Love brings us to presence. Love reminds us of our divine nature. Love is the anchor that allows us to have this earthly expression. Love who you are and how you express in this dimension. This morning, Mercury sextiles Saturn. This encourages an organized and steady approach to your work and thinking processes but it also semi-squares Mars, which can add pressure or tension to the mix. Your commentary may come out in a no-nonsense, to the point, and possibly harsh way. Thank Mars for that. Differences of opinion and conflicts of interest are possible. The Moon enters Virgo at 12:46 AM EST, ending an almost daylong void period and there can be a strong desire to get things done. You tend to focus on your flaws, what isn’t working, and a deep desire to fix it. Details that may have escaped your attention will now come into focus.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Violence is nothing but unloved love.
Looking at the news and the external violence from certain groups makes Osho’s quote so obvious. When you do not feel loved you dysfunctionally attach to a belief or philosophy. The problem arises because if you did not experience love in a way that you can integrate then you run your life attempting to find connection in ways that are not always functional. Now notice how I said that. I did not say that these people did not have love offered from their family. I said that they did not get it offered in a way that they knew how to receive. Many of us think that love should be expressed in a certain way. But others have experienced different ways to show love. All ways are wonderful but the challenge comes in when we have no receptors for particular types of love. I learned in my 20’s that my mother’s way to receive love was if I dropped everything that I was doing when she needed me. To her, love was that she was more important than anything anyone was doing. She needed to feel the most important and the most special. Believe it or not when I understood that this was how she received love and how love registered for her, I was more than happy to accommodate that need because I understood that her childhood had given her enormous limitations to knowing how to receive love. If you love someone from a conscious place you do not give them love the way you receive it but you give love the way that they can receive it. And it feels wonderful when what you offer is received. Each of us has tried to show and give love and have felt as if our arrow from our heart bounced off someone’s armor. Today, notice how others receive love and move out of your need to give love a particular way. Instead step out of your own narrow reflection of love and expand into a much bigger and expanded possibility of love.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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