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Astrology/Numerology for 2/5/18

2/5/18 is the number 9. The number 9 teaches completion and acceptance. The number 9 teaches you that listening to your intuition only comes when you quiet the mind and accept this moment as it is. That allows for a place for peace to rest. And in that peace is the knowledge you have been seeking. It is the whisper on the wind. It is the awareness of appreciation. It is in noticing the efforts of others in their attempt to connect. It is in choosing to make every moment count. It is in learning to share and play with others. It is in knowing that you are enough just as you are, if you allow your ego to step out of the game and let that vulnerable self, create the footprints moving forward.

The Moon is in Libra most of the day, and this brings a more social and friendly interaction. You will tend to weigh all perspectives and consider all the possibilities. This is a moment for moderating, negotiating, and compromising. You can feel discomfort with situations that limit and restrict the constructive changes you wish to create in the world. At the least, you recognize the need for adjustments in your close connections and immediate family. Differences in approaches, beliefs, morals, and values can seem today frightening and disheartening. If you are not centered you will clash more than you will agree with others. You have to ask the question that if this moment is the moment to choose another way of being. If this way you are acting is creating deeper intimacy or less, if the way you are interacted you are cultivating a world in which you want to live or if you are contributing to a world of more pain and sorrow. How much more can this world take? How much more can you take? And what are you going to do about it? It is time to make some big choices regarding how you connect with others and what your purpose or passion is. It is time to stop overreacting and start doing something different. Life is about learning to deal with problems and overcoming obstacles. It is time to start checking that ego at the door and to notice how your words and actions are impact your world and how you interact with others. As the day progresses, it can be a good time to get work done. It is a good time to help loved ones. It is time to use that motivation to grow and improve yourself first and then let it filter into another reality such as work and home. The Moon enters Scorpio at 10:56 PM EST.
~Suzanne Wagner~




What you fear … is your Moon.
She illuminates your darkest doom.
She holds on tight even in your dreams
She tries to startle and make you scream.
That is because you refuse to own,
that all that upset that you bemoan,
is the darkness you refuse to see
under all that positivity.
The Moon is not here to create your pain.
She is the mirror of your disdain.
She is not designed to hurt or maim.
She shows you where you are insane.
It is your choices or lack there of,
that stop the peaceful proliferation of,
the real good inside that you could do,
if you truly wished to know you.
You cannot go home if you are not whole.
So you must take a risk and take a stroll
into the darkness that will show you the light
through the illusions that cause you blight.
Into the clarity that comes when whole.
Into the truth that is spoken by your troll,
who waited patiently at the door
of what you denied at your deepest core.
~Suzanne Wagner~




What are you doing right now to keep yourself in illusion and not in an enlightened state? All you have to do is to look at what causes you suffering and collapses you back into places where you seek only to feel better. We all have inside a child that constantly looks to self-sooth away the pain that we are afraid to look at. Because if we look at it, we will have to change. And change requires us to create a totally new life. It is the self-soothing in society that allows humanity to believe things that aren’t true. We want to believe the thing that will (for a moment) take away the pain. That is why the gurus and teachers have said forever that this is an addictive planet. Everyone is attached and addicted to something. Television is self- soothing. Recreational drugs are self-soothing. Facebook is self-soothing. Eating fast food is self-soothing. When we rush, we are not present. If we are not present we cannot move from a conscious and enlightened state. So many say to me that they want to live in an awakened state. But they have so many layers of distractions around them that they cannot maintain presence much less higher states of consciousness. The pain you resist feeling is the choice that blocks you finding peace. The unwillingness you have to communicating the truth to yourself is the level of self-deception that you live with every day. Only when you are in a state of peace can you unhook from the patterns of illusion that hold your world of lies together.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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