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Numerology/Astrology for 2/7/20

2/7/20 is the number 3. If you add the 2 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 13. 1 + 3 = 4.

Yes, you feel the imbalance in the world. Yes, you wonder if life will ever return to normal?

And the answer to the last question is no.

Life as you have known it will not return back to the same position. If you take a balloon and push and pull on it, pop it, and tear at it; that balloon will never be the same, look the same, feel the same ,or function the same. This is how all things are in this world.

Remember that those external circumstances do not need to disturb your inner center. Life will always throw you curve balls and occasionally (in everyone’s life), it will seem to throw you under the bus. And that is when you have to remember that all things are not about you. Some things are about exposing that which is eating at important things in the darkness. Sometimes you have to shine a night vision radar on those things to see what is really going on. Sometimes you have to shine black light on those creatures of the night so they fluoresce so you can see them. All forms and frequencies of light will reveal what you have not wanted to see. And that is how we are tested to be true, good, and kind under any circumstances. All things break. All things are ground under the feet of tyranny. All things will have to be re-thought, re-worked, and re-done. And you want those that can do such things to be of sound mind and body. You cannot help make the change if you are freaking out during the change.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Friday has Venus moving into Aries until March 5. Do not expect this to be a comfortable combination. Be willing to pioneer a new path in relationships. You will be feeling this energy through March 4th. Venus in Aries is bold, impatient, and no longer willing to connect with those that cling to the past. Sorry does not cut it. The damage is done and you simply need to step forward into a new day regardless of the choices from the past. As you move forward, keep it simple. It will be difficult to maintain a steady pace (which is highly recommended) because you feel an intense urgency

The Moon is still in the sign of desired comfort, Cancer. And it opposes Pluto. This causes a one-sided extremely emotional moment. Severe patterns either play out in your mind or in your life. Do your best to not take anything to an extreme. You will regret later on, falling into that reactionary place.

The Moon also opposes Saturn. For those that are depressed, restrictive, and melancholy you may feel as if others are putting on a brave face but that face is insincere. It may make you feel like an alien in a strange world. One in which you do not fit. You are not alone even if you feel lonely. Though you may need to reach out to others for support because everyone is struggling with something and if you do not tell others what is going on with you, their inner process may make them seem distant and unavailable.

At dinner time the Moon will go into Leo. It gives some much needed confidence. You may feel as if everyone is playing some crazy theatrical play and you are looking a bunch of actors playing roles. It may feel surreal. And you would not be wrong.

That will cause a trine between the Moon and Venus in Aries. Notice that there is a lot of fire going on. While on one level it is friendly and connected it is also wildly pushed to move things along energetically.

The Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. That is a lot of fixed signs attempting to gain control. It may seem that the world is ruled by crazy, eccentric, fanatics that want to take the world to a place of even more suffering. You see derailments of important things that have been standards upon which you could depend. You can feel untoward situations careening out of control. Such moments of abnormal tendencies can lead to self-harm if not careful.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Many are foolish in the face of money.
Blind eyes are easily bought.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The snow falls in whiffs of white.

The sky is muted and grays the light.

The cold makes still the hate and fear.

The light will return and is forever near.

You cannot make winter into spring.

And history will never make a fool, a real king.

Consequences are brutal in the face of truth.

Become a tool of karma in the polling booth.

You have a choice. You have power to decide.

You have the ability to shift the darkened tide.

Within a life are moments of change.

You have the power to re-arrange.

Throughout time there are always evil men.

Those that believe that they are without sin.

Those that care not for life at all.

Those that intend hurt and downfall.

I give no power to such men of hate.

They hold no truth and want to dictate.

I listen not to these “Children of the Corn”.

They break oaths to which they have sworn.

They care not for the rule of law.

They tear at the Constitution with a hacksaw.

Who are you when evil opens the gate?

Will you swallow the Kool-Aid of hate?

I walk away from the “Cult of Lies”.

I cannot stop those that despise.

I walk in the light of kindness and love,

Until I hear the call of the mourning dove,

Indicate that now the time has come.

And those that believed and succumbed

To the wounding that trapped their soul.

Have found the death that they cajoled.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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