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Numerology/Astrology for 3/12/17

3/12/17 is the number 7. The number 7 makes it imperative that we look at the long-term picture and the short-term issues that will allow us to move through these challenging times. Never has it been more imperative that each of us be fully in this moment and not take anything for granted. There are powerful people attempting to take essential things that have been a part of our life away and because of that things that were automatic and “normal” are no longer going to be there when you might need them, planning and taking responsibility for having other options is going to be very important. So, it is time to sit down with those you love and really take a look at what you are going to need to do to handle the potential issues and problems that might arise for you and those you love in the future.
A Full Moon occurs in the sign of Virgo today at 10:55 AM EDT. The Full Moon is a time of culmination. Emotions run high. With the Sun in Pisces opposite the Moon in Virgo, it is important to strike a balance between day-to-day functions and routines, physical health, and the need for order (Virgo) and vision, spiritual health, disorder, and the infinite (Pisces). Virgo rules the tools and techniques that you use to deal with day-to-day life, while Pisces rules the tools that you use to expand your spiritual self. A sudden awareness of a lack in your life provides you with a golden opportunity to explore your emotional needs. This Full Moon urges you to strike a balance between work and service, practicality and impracticality, criticism and acceptance. There can be announcements, proclamations, and epiphanies now. Also, today, Mercury forms a square to Saturn. There can be criticisms or negative assessments involved with your discoveries and realizations. Projects, you thought were complete may need revision. You can be temperamental and sensitive, yet also given to criticizing. Communication blocks or challenges are possible. Look for motivation to make changes rather than focus too heavily on flaws and limitations.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Wanderlust consumed her;
foreign hearts and
exotic minds compelled her.
She had a gypsy soul and
a vibrant hope for
the unknown.
~D. Marie~


There is this overwhelming sadness that is taking over so many right now. As a psychic and a healer, it is painful to witness, feel, stay present with, help find solutions to, and bring hope when so many people of power are doing everything in their power to hurt and harm so many in this country and on this planet. It is shocking the lack of compassion and understanding that has engulfed America right now. I have always wondered at history and how fast toxic negativity can take over completely rational societies. Because it is not those that hold the standard of normalcy that are the instigators of these problems but they are the group that attempts to “normalize” things, not rock the boat, and fall into complacency, while those with the negative voice and energy continue unstopped by any dissent. Now, I know that many are dissenting right now but there are so many in power that have been bought and paid for by big countries and corporations that nothing is happening of substance to stop the spread of outright corruption. It is a very sad day indeed.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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