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Numerology/Astrology for 3/16/17

3/16/17 is the number 2. The number 2 really reminds us of the duality that exists in life and as much as all of us want to feel as if we are one and we (as humanity) can co-exist, we also have to be real at the moment and see the desperate differences that are dividing us and tearing our world apart. It is really now about power and greed that has taken over the love and kindness that was the illusion and bubble of reality that so many of us have lived in. Those that believe one thing and those that believe another are not going to come together anytime soon. There are moments in time when you recognize that a total collapse of a system is going to be the only thing that will force one side to recognize that they were manipulated into a terrible conspiracy that causes harm to others. Only in the ashes of the destruction of what has been will we create a new reality. And one hopefully based on a compassionate heart and the desire to help everyone not just those that have the power and money. The symbolism of this number 2, is of union and of peace between different entities. Ask yourself the question, “What will it take for you to end separateness and unite for the greater good?”
The energy of today’s Scorpio Moon can be provocative as well as passionate, strong-willed, and intense. You are inclined to look for hidden messages or layers to situations now. Expect to be drawn to experiencing and understanding the hidden elements of your life, as well as to mysteries and complexities. The Moon’s trine to Neptune towards midday encourages creative imagining. There can be new or easy understanding of your feelings and impressions and a greater understanding of, or compassion for, others’ plights.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify.

~Albert Camus~


What do you see as criticism? There is the obvious sort of criticism that is overt, blatant, cruel, and demeaning. But do you recognize the other forms of criticism? There are those out there that are insecure on the inside and need to have control so they find fault with the kindness of others and make it all about themselves. They point out what you did not do right instead of seeing all the love and energy that you put into making something of beauty for them. I find they people do not know how to let love in. They are afraid to feel the vulnerability of authentic expression and love with others so they have to find ways to push that love away. Pointing out what someone did wrong, what they missed, or them feeling maligned because they were not consulted are subtle ways that others push love and the kindness of others away. The more someone does that over time the more others will stop feeling motivated to help or be supportive. It is really not hard to simply first say, “Thank you!” Take a deep breath and let in the love. Then feel the discomfort of what that love is doing to the inside of your being and how it might shift the core of your experience. Life is about allowing in as much love as possible. That is how all of us can make it through the tough days in life. The love that has been given to each of us can be stored for later use when we are the most down.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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