March 17, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 3/17/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/17/15

Here we go into the power and newness of the number 10. So much is leaving and shifting right now and the way to focus is on the change that is beaconing you forward. Let it all go, the story, the belief, the old rules, the old way. There is nothing to go back for. It has all been perfect in the divine order of things and it has taken the last 3 plus years of aggravation, frustration, and upset to finally come to this place. Seek out only the joy in life. Everything else is just an illusion. If you like it, then do it. If you don’t then let it go. If it serves who you came to be, then go for it. If it no longer serves you then it is time to try something else. You are standing on a precipice and you have to have the courage to go in new directions. Life is about adaptability. Let go of the illusion that if you are a good person that you life will be smooth. Life is full of ups and downs. Life demands you to adapt to it, not the other way around. You are here to learn you are not here to get your way. Today is a critical juncture. The decisions over the next year (and yes it will take a full year) evolve you to your next level of being, allow you to step into the place that you have resisted. It may feel like a death but in reality, staying where you are is the death. Stepping forward is what will give you the life, energy, purpose, and a deeper understanding of your place in this world. And No, it is not going to be what you thought it was. But it is going to break your heart wide open and in doing that you will discover what is most important to you on all levels. The Moon is in Aquarius all day, so this is the moment to thrive on intellectual stimulation, change, and unusual or unconventional experiences. Venus enters Taurus today, where it will calm down some of this intensity. In Taurus, Venus is very sensual, mostly content, and possibly possessive. The drive is to seek security and value longevity. Your appetite for pleasure is strong. Taurus values the “here and now”, as well as, the world of the five senses. Tangible and physical expressions of love and romance are most important now. The shadow side of this is excessive possessiveness so remember that you can’t take things with you so be generous and watch for those places that you want to grab and hang on. Mercury and Neptune are moving towards a conjunction, exact tomorrow morning, bringing imagination, color, and possibly confusion to your thoughts and communications.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“I speak to help you to be silent. I say something so that you can go beyond words. I use words to help you to go into wordlessness. It is just like having a thorn in the foot: with another thorn you pull it out. Your mind is full of words, so many, and so much chattering – yakkety-yak, yakkety-yak – it goes on and on. But then people became intoxicated with my words. That was not my purpose. I continuously insisted, “Don’t be concerned with my words. Be concerned with my silences, the gaps between the words, the gaps between the lines.”


Pregnant with this new beginning, stand in the spaces of in-between. It is in the spaces that you discover the possibility. It is in the quiet that you reclaim your potential. You are in there, just not where you think you are. You are not your mind or what you tell yourself. You are so much more than that. The silence is limitless and shows you your infinite self. There is a space beyond time where you exist in total freedom and oneness. Touch that place occasionally. Let that space heal and transform you. Do yourself a favor, open the door, and let yourself in.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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