March 16, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 3/17/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/17/16

3/17/16 is the number 20. The number 20/2 forces us to look at the patterns we do inside that create the duality in our life and hold it into place. Do you notice that positions you hold are based on a wounding? That wounding is often from a very formative year. Because of that wounding we create a defense position to shield that vulnerable self from more pain. Unfortunately, that shield (that we believe has the ability to protect us) locks us in a pattern where we can avoid the truth of the past hurt. Then that shield polarizes the behavior in such a way that the defense position becomes an irritation to others as they register that behavior as inauthentic in some way or then take that emotional reaction as a negative against them which then can create another wounding in the person perceiving the initial wounded defense posture. This creates layers and layers of behaviors and reactions that keep each of us in a very tight ball of dysfunction which can eventually not let anyone in, isolating us further. Can you see your positions that you strongly hold as truths are hiding your deepest self from others? Today, can you begin to unravel that shield and allow the hurt voice of fear, anger, resentment, and grief to become fully expressed authentically? Only in telling the truth of the originating pain can the cycle of the layering of false selves begin to be unraveled. Mercury aligns with Chiron today, and this will allow for your intuitive understanding to increase, deepen, expand healing, and hopefully bring awareness to dark places within. You are being asked to open your mind and to learn from circumstances that are causing you suffering and to learn from others behaviors and reactions. Sudden awareness opens your eyes to how you co-create this reality and it is designed to hopefully spur you to grow and improve. Circumstances have created a possibility for deep insight that will allow you to open more to new ways of looking at problems and patterns in your life. Be aware that you are hypersensitive to what is communicated to you now through others. The Moon is in Cancer all day, and while its clashes with Pluto and Uranus can point to some tensions revolving around making changes, its harmonious trines with Mercury and Chiron further encourage opening up and communicating with compassion and warmth.
~Suzanne Wagner~



People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.

~The Dalai Lama~



Whether we realize it or not we are all bumping up against each other’s shields that hide the deep wounding from our past. We want people to have a relationship with those shields and to not have others look underneath the patterns of behavior that we using to protect our most delicate and vulnerable selves. It takes great awareness and conscious clarity to feel another’s shield as you bump into it and to not allow their shield to further wound you. Rather, you might want to look for what that blockage is protecting. Often, that is a deep insecurity and hurt that had a devastating effect on them. The deeper the wound and the darker and stronger the shield will become. An example would be control. A person who feels a deep need to control situations, might have clearly been broken, demoralized, overridden, and put down to such an extent that they have learned to control their external world in such a way that they cannot and will not be wounded to that degree again. The level of control that a person operates from tells you the level and depth of the wounding. And that shield out of love can be cast beyond their own energy field and they may try to protect those they love the same way. Often those family members do not understand why the pattern is there and they react negatively to it creating their own pattern of wounding around their own particular issue. Control patterns are coming from a distorted pattern of love. They share their shield and what has worked for them with others in the honest attempt to not have them get wounded either. But to some (who do not understand that this level of control is about protecting them from harm), they can get very frustrated with that level of control and take this form of love as a lack of trust, they may think that the controller perceives them as stupid, not smart enough to figure it out, or incompetent. Then that person feeling controlled will over-react and push away from the one controlling them. They will want to find others who do not put that kind of pressure on them and they will allow in weak people and create circumstance that do not challenge their insecurity. The result is instead of confronting and healing the problem; the problem grows and shape shifts depending on each person’s reaction to the pattern. It is difficult to step beyond the wounding and see each other from the place of love and vulnerability rather than the masks and faces that we project onto the world. Remember, no one is the mask that they project. Defensive postures and reactive patterns are telling you that someone is hurting badly or that they are caught in protecting some vulnerable place inside. Today, try to look to the opposite pattern someone is presenting and ask the question, “Where did that pattern come from? What might have caused this level of defensiveness?” Only through taking the time to sit with someone’s pattern from a place of no judgment can we begin to understand another. Only by being willing to understand each other can we create a world of healing and love for all.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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