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Numerology/Astrology for 3/18/17

3/18/17 is the number 4. The number 4 is about looking at what it takes to have the balance within right now. There are so many who feel the dis-ease and are struggling to find a place of ease and alignment. Astrologically speaking, there is not a lot of the external energy aligning for the next 2 or 3 years so you will have to not depend upon any external to find peace. There are moments when things have to completely break down in order for the truth of the dysfunction to be revealed. As much as I would like to say that we are seeing more clearly, I have to say, (looking at the astrology) that we actually have a very long road to hoe before we attain any clarity. But internally, when you know who you are, you allow that center point to be your guide as you move forward. It does not matter what the external world does it only matters what your intention is and how you hold compassion for yourself, your family, your community, your country, the world, and Mother Earth. If you are making choices that are out of alignment with life then you are going the wrong way. It is really that simple. If you make choices and take actions to support life and the coming together of others with truth (regardless of if that truth is accepted or not) then you are a part of the great cosmic order that makes life happen. Even when you do not get what you think you want but you tried with a good solid heart that was choosing love over all things, in the karmic scheme of things you will not put yourself deeper in a hole. Never has it been more important to ignore the rules that others are imposing upon you. It is essential that your own personal moral compass be the guide in the stormy seas of dysfunctional chaos in which we live. Your balance and the choices that you make right now promote inner clarity or outer chaos….It is your choice. Choose wisely.

Mercury’s conjunction to Venus this morning can bring a lightening but perhaps also a detached feeling to your interactions. Do your best to communicate with more ease, telling others how you feel and finding a way to come together. The Sagittarius Moon supports this alignment today. Mentally, you will not feel as disciplined as you might like. Your mind can feel all over the place and it will be difficult to focus. The desire to socialize is stronger than the desire to work. With Venus retrograde, there can be a tendency to talk about and analyze past relationships or problem areas in your present reality. Above all things practice kindness. Everyone is on edge. Many are waking up to the reality of their life and choices and it is a painful thing to do. If enlightenment was easy we would all be there already.  Be aware that thumbing your nose at authority figures is not advised and remember to not believe everything you hear.

~Suzanne Wagner~



You are a demon and a deity.
You are the chaos that you wish to deny.
You are the turmoil that you witness in the outer world.
And you cannot just turn your head and lie.
You have to face the truth of what you are.
The accumulation of choices and actions
are the karmic fodder of your struggle into the light.
The best choices are the ones that are the mistakes
Those are where you awaken
to the hidden lies of your deepest self.
It is not pretty.
It is not pleasant.
It is a place of deep suffering and regret
that has tracked you
across the desert of your self-deception.
You cannot escape the truth
that what you chose is your disowned shadow.
And now you know it is awake
and overtaking rational thought
in its attempt to drag you into
its suffering that you have forced it to hold
until you awoke and learned to love
your most dysfunctional self.

~Suzanne Wagner~

It is the 17th in the morning and I usually do these blogs one day ahead for my friends and clients in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. This morning I am up early because I am off to pick up my Buddhist Lama friend and his assistant today as they are coming out to build a stupa on the land. I am praying for warm and dry weather but it does not look like we are going to get it any time soon. But I have worked really hard to get the cabin on the property ready for them so they have a place to get away from us and have some of their own meals if they don’t like the American cooking that is going to be offered. Lol! I did not get all the things done that I wanted but I got quite a bit done and I know that they will appreciate it all. They are both the kindest and most loving of people. I am grateful to have them here to bless this land and support the compassionate expansion that is needed on this earth right now. I hope that you all will feel the love and blessings come your way through the ethers. Have a wonderful weekend.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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