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Numerology/Astrology for 3/20/17

3/20/17 is the number 6. The number 6 attempts to remind us of the deep and powerful spiritual principles that traverse across all great religions; kindness, compassion, helping those in need, sharing, and loving unconditionally are just a few. Check to see how you are doing in those areas. At this time staying brutally honest with yourself as to your thoughts and actions is essential to getting through these challenging times. Do not allow the mind to argue you out of compassionate action, acceptance of others, and stepping out of hatred, projection, and labeling. It is time to see where you believe you are living principals of goodness and compassion (but only if others believe as you do), and where your ideals and reality are perhaps not aligning in a truthful and accurate way. Abject honesty for what you believe and your actions must completely align. When they do not you are in denial and that denial will lead to dysfunctional actions and false perspective. Only by being still and sitting in the middle of the truth of your actions can you see beyond the distortion and into the spiritual glue that holds your life together.
Spring Equinox is on Monday the 20th at 3:29 AM PDT. The Astrology for the next three months shows the warm moon aligned with cold Saturn. Emotions run hot and cold until summer. For some, this will manifest as home and/or family responsibility. A Grand Cross has been operating in Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer for a couple months now, and it is in the chart representing the next three months. It is the feeling that one thing sets off another which then sets off another, like a cascading effect. Or it can feel like you are being pulled apart in several directions at the same time. Some people will continue this “yanking you apart” action, and others will be ready to start to reintegrate the new you. Understand that it will most likely be after June 9 when Jupiter ends his retrograde period. Some people will feel it earlier after Venus and Mercury are done being retrograde after May 3. Basically, you are balancing your sharing needs with your independent needs, your nurturing needs with practical responsibilities.

~Suzanne Wagner~



If you truly loved yourself,
You could never make choices
that intentionally cause harm to others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


It seems, selfishness is an epidemic right now. Pride follows the selfishness as people seem so close-minded that they believe that their analytical and perceptive mental abilities have figured out an answer that aligns with all their prejudices and so they have (what they feel is) validation and vindication for those horribly limiting and suffering inducing beliefs that are running around in their head. It is frighteningly scary to see the degree of dysfunction that is doggedly hanging on for dear life, attempting in all ways that show the desperation of a dying ego. What they refuse to see is that they are holding on to a pattern that is only going to create more karma rather than less. My intent in this lifetime is to have compassion for all and to learn to accept all. That does not mean you have to like them or agree with them. It means that you have to practice loving kindness in all moments and that your actions need to reflect that commitment. Yet, you cannot succumb to bigotry and hatred and there are moments when you have to speak up and call out the “haters” even when they have the disguise that they are “helping us”. Truth is always truth. The multitude of layers of “story” that people in power are creating to confuse, confound, and exhaust humanity right now is unprecedented. Strip away all the layers and simply ask, “Is this a loving thing to do? Is this going to help those in need? Is this what the most powerful country in the world should be doing as an example to the developing world? Is it kind? Is it going to create more problems or actually solve anything?” Just something to think about.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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