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Numerology/Astrology for 3/24/20

3/24/20 is the number 4. If you add the 3 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 13. 1 + 3 = 4.

What are you guarding? Perhaps you have been protecting something very unique and special. The greatest gifts we hold are buried and hidden until we slow down enough to allow them to come out. Often such gifts are especially delicate and need time and attention to come forth. Just like a seed when it is sprouting is more vulnerable at the beginning of its life. That is why the seed needs the wet, quiet, and darkness of the soil to know when the time is right to emerge. Then it springs forth, growing very quickly to reach up to the sunlight. There is something hidden in the darkness within each of us. There are always great things hidden away until we have the time and attention for them. This is that moment. Go on the internet and look up mediations for soul-retrieval and allow yourself to journey deep into that darkness. That is where there is great peace and understanding. That is where you have hidden your most amazing self.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The New Moon is at 5 degrees Aries. And a reminder that all of the planets are still packed tightly within one-third of the sky in winter. You are requested to focus your energy on things that matter. There are things you have to do and things that you want to do. This New Moon aligns with the planetoid, Chiron, the wounded-healer-teacher. This famous Centaur God released his suffering from a mortal wound by giving his immortality to Prometheus on a rock. Chiron then died immediately, only to be put into the constellations for eternity without the suffering of the human condition. Each of us is being asked to let go of something that is no longer true or helpful to this evolving world in which we live? It is time to be courageous and leap onto a new path. Chiron (a Greek God) was half-horse and half-human. Therefore you will have to work on the upcoming traditions in stages. Part of you needs to feel deeply into the human condition. Another part of you needs the strength of a horse to keep going when things get difficult. There is great meaning in this moment. Something very powerful is happening that you will teach your children and grandchildren. This moment in time is a story that will turn into legend. Are you a hero, victim, or villain? What will you discover during this time? How will you evolve? What wisdom will arise within you. There was never a better moment for you to be the hero/heroine of your own story. What will be the discovery that you will experience?
Think of Anne Frank. Notice what she accomplished in her confinement that has stood the test of time. Perhaps you too will uncover your undiscovered self and beauty.

With this New Moon in Aries, expect people to get irritated and moody. Know that family disputes are going to erupt from the stress and strain over the past few years. Remember there are many more intense months to come. And years to heal the terrible price our arrogance will require us to pay back. Pace yourself and know that all are feeling the fear that this moment is exposing to the light of truth.

As all things are new and different, you have an opportunity to be innovative. Re-evaluate your relationships and know this is probably the most powerful moment to refine and redefine yourself to become what you have always wanted. Remember, self-reliance is learned by choice.

This New Moon forms a square to the Nodes of the Moon.
Obstacles abound and you will feel as if you are wrestling with many emotions as your unresolved past parts battle with your future potential self.

Mar is in-between Saturn and Pluto. Expect frustration and blocks. Not surprising under the circumstances.

Let yourself open to the process. This is a magnificent moment in time if you play it safe and explore your deepest internal self.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Action leads

to experience.

Self-reliance is

learned by choice.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Something waits for you in the stillness of time. A delicate part that could not embody until you softened and were surrendered beyond mind and into the emptiness of possibility. Such a time is happening and you are being tested. Tested to see if you can hold power through patience. Tested to see if you can flow with timeless knowing rather than linear, rational mind. Tested to see if you have grown beyond the childish whims and arrogant demands of youth. There is always more than one test. This is just the beginning of the tests. The first is always the greatest shock to the system. Beginnings are loud, shattering, jarring, and intended to blow you past any illusion of control to believed you had in this world. Know that all things willingly surrendered to the greater powers that control this reality will be returned back to you in a much more refined and elegant manner when you have practiced the new way and have mastered the true reality with grace and humility. Those gifts given will not look the same when they return. The desire realm and needs of a child naturally mature into a place of understanding and acceptance. Petty games of your petulant self are now no longer necessary in the broader understanding of what is really manifesting beyond your old perspective.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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