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Numerology/Astrology for 3/25/18

3/25/18 is the number 3. There is power in potential. The potential of the human spirit to rise up out of the abyss and use the momentum of the downward flow to push against and discover that it is the hardships that make you soar. You are learning to appreciate what you had in very new ways. You are learning to see what has been withheld from you unfairly. You are learning to experience beyond your own narrow perspective. And you are discovering that you cannot depend on others for manifesting your personal dream. There is power in that understanding. There is clarity that comes in with such resolutions. There is no longer a hesitation or question if the time is now. That is because when you understand that you do stand alone at the edge of this cliff and that no one is going to tell you to jump. Then only you will know when you are really ready to leap. It is not about anyone believing in you. It is about you believing and knowing that it is you that chooses the time of transcendence. It is you that chooses to awaken. Circumstances mean nothing other than to strip you of your illusions and excuses. This is your moment. Take that courage and leap over the fire of fear. You cannot be injured by things that you have become “one” with.
Sunday has a lot of emotional lunar aspects, so just flow with the gentle ups and downs of the day, and don’t get emotionally stuck on any one thing. This morning, a Venus-Jupiter quincunx can show you the contrast between your need for independence and the need for intimacy. A strong desire for the pleasures of life are emphasized. Your eyes may be bigger than your stomachs in this regard. Challenges may happen in your relationships if you hold high expectations of others. It might just feel like your timing is off. Be careful to not overshoot or overstate what you are feeling in the moment. It can seem confusing when you try to figure out a balance between responsibilities and having fun, which might appear to be mutually exclusive today, but if you look hard enough for a solution, you may be able to find creative ways to combine or attend to both. Ceres has just recently turned direct, and the Sun’s trine to Ceres today helps to give you a boost of energy. Seek out nourishment from each other and naturally nurture and support those who are struggling. When you do it will feel very rewarding. Intend to be in harmony or at least not in conflict with others. This is an excellent time for building or attending to relationships and your creative pursuits. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer, encouraging your desires for familiarity, comfort, and safety.

~Suzanne Wagner~




When all seems lost,
the only thing left is hope.

~Suzanne Wagner~

What a powerful moment this world is in.

Awake and standing at the edge of oblivion.
Only then can we see the error of our ways.
We witness the co-creation of a collapse
of unprecedented proportions.
Death is accepted an inevitable.

And the importance becomes,
what we leave behind.
Did you leave nature undisturbed?
Did you help all things living?
Did you show love and appreciation?
Did you expand love beyond your perception?
Did you show caring in tangible ways?
Did you help those who needed it?
Did you let go of judging others?
Did you recognize where your mind lied?
Did you let your heart win
even if you did not get
the outcome that you projected?
If so, there is something
of your essence that lives on.
Forever ……………
~Suzanne Wagner~


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