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Numerology/Astrology for 3/25/20

3/25/20 is the number 5. If you add the 3 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 14. 1 + 4 = 5.

Where nature is allowed to just be, then there is life. When humanity steps back from the huge extortion of resources from Mother Earth even for a moment, it allows her to regenerate and catch up. Such is this moment in time. We are in a health crisis number and the opportunity is ours to notice that we can do with much less than we realized. If everyone took that to heart and saw the contribution of how our choices help or harm our world, then this world could recover and thrive.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon in Aries Square Jupiter in Capricorn. Conflicts between the law, the people and those in authority are going to get interesting. Disagreements are going to escalate along with more extravagance, opinions and waste. Such choices will continue to degrade the financial stability of our country. These choices will continue to destroy our American Way. Perhaps that is what it will take for some to wake up.

The Moon Square Pluto will allow a certain amount of self-deception to continue, much to our global detriment. Fear allows the imbalances to continue with hypersensitivity and nervousness. Think positive but plan for the negative.

The Sun and Chiron align in Aries in the morning and pull up opportunities to seek purpose and help out in this world. The life lessons right now touch the insecurity that is unhealed within and undermine your faith and belief in authorities. Perhaps the purpose of this moment in time is to recognize that you have no choice in life but to face your fears. You do that by being open and honest with yourself and others. A healthy dose of reality is coming and it is going to feel like drinking from a firehose if you have not been practicing expansion for a very long time.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Look in the mirror and what do you see?
The look of concern from a life of unfamiliarity.
The smile has gone from your lips. But where did it go?
It was left behind in that familiar place you used to know.
Do you miss that smile that laughed and cared?
Do you like this face that feels so scared?
Perhaps it is time to trust and relax.
Let go of that face that formed a mask.
There is love right here or did you not see?
The caring glance of others just trying to be.
Take a breath and slowly let it out.
Release the fear and with it the doubt.
There will come a time when you will need real control.
The type that can stand up to the bitter and the cold.
Within this world are moments that test.
That is a place where you can discover your best.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Because of these present circumstances, let’s take a look at the process of death. I had many clients that worked in Hospice and they told me a valuable thing, when someone is dying they do not have enough life force energy to do appropriate social protocols anymore. They say and do things that are really off. They react and respond in unfamiliar patterns. They are compelled to tell you what they have always really thought about you but then held in. When you are dying your aura becomes a sieve. You start leaking energy and that is one of the contributing factors to dying. That is why healers, herbs, medications, etc. are so important because you need energy. You need things to shore up the aura so it is not leaking. Often you need more energy that you have and so when someone puts energy in, you have the energy to heal because healing always comes from within.

That desire to live and fight for life comes from deep in the soul. And while there are circumstances (such as this one) that may not allow us to have choice, the truth is that we need all the healers at this time and we must respect their needs and wishes because they are on the front lines of this virus.

Doctors are sleeping in tents in their own garages to not infect their own families. If they feel that serious about it then we should also take it very seriously.

But if death is the inevitable process then it is the unhealed aspects of this life that surface and become clearly in the forefront. Both sides within a family (those dying and those witnessing the dying) can make decisions and choices that are based on past fears, incompletions, resentments, karmic incompletions, attachments, and things they believe they are entitled too.

This creates a karmic mess that can tear families apart.

My focus in this life is to not leave anything karmically left undone to the best of my ability. Many times you cannot actually complete with the person involved and so you have to go on your own inner journey to find the completion without the “other”, without approval, and without getting what you want.

Karma is always about attachment and when you believe you are owed something by the universe, such beliefs usually come back to bite you in the “a**”. I watched those take everything they wanted from a grandmothers house only to watch then as their “ex” takes everything from them.

That is the nature of karma.
When you take from a place of fear, there are consequences to those actions and they will catch up with you, usually in this lifetime but if not then in another. I have watched so many families (including my own) in death processes and it is amazing how the unresolved issues come up in a huge wave of chaos. It is almost as if the soul needs resolution in order to move on. And sometimes there are choices and decisions that are made in reaction rather than in conscious clarity. I have seen money issues tear families apart and what I know is that in the long-run family is all we have in times of crisis. And we are in a huge time of crisis for the next 2-3 years. And I am not just talking about the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is in such times that you learn that everyone is human. Everyone makes mistakes and will do and say things that cause problems for others. Everyone is working on his or her own karmic journey and those journeys will bump into our agenda and beliefs. It takes great conscious control and skill to navigate such global times and then when you add in the threat of “death” many things can come up. You do not want to be the one that did not say “I love you” at the end of someone’s life. You do not want to be the one that takes actions and causes obvious suffering for another, especially if you know your action will do just that. Whenever you do something from a “F*ck You”, the outcome you intend to go for … will not materialize.
No matter what, be kind.
No matter what, do what is right.
No matter what, recognize that another is suffering.
No matter what do not add to your personal karmic suffering in this life.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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