March 26, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 3/27/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/27/18

3/27/18 is the number 5. Healing can only happen with honesty. Disease is a manifestation of untruths that have been suppressed by the ego or the mind. When you learn to tell the truth, many things change. Obsessive patterns stop or alter, there is a pattern of deepening acceptance and relaxation, and you discover how you have been unconsciously holding a pattern in your body and in this reality. I know that for myself, the first step, is to always look at my body. That is why I am such a believer in bodywork, massage, structural integration, acupuncture, diet, nutrition, herbs, etc. For myself, when my body realigns, it realigns my mind and emotions. If you are not feeding yourself properly, how do you expect this body (which is like an engine) to perform well. If your body feels like it is being dragged behind your soul’s intentions and dreams then for a moment, stop pushing and let the body catch up. Figure out what you need to be fully here in this body and at peak energy. Then go again for that dream. You will notice that your mind does not have to be such a slave driver then. Learning to make body, mind, and spirit to work together is very difficult. Especially when so many things are new and going into unknown places. This is a time when you need to physically be as good as you can be. You are going to need all your energy for the massive shift in consciousness that is already happening. There is a powerful wave of change happening and it will transform all of us into unknown territories. Let that excitement carry you forward in the intention of the possibility. But know that body is the densest aspect of being and that without your body you will not be able to have any impact of real significance in this world.
The Moon continues its transit of Leo today, spending the day in the sign. Its trine to Mercury today thus helping you to express yourself in powerful and direct ways. Even if your words are not perfect people will still feel the heart and compassion that you are attempting to express. While this position of the Moon is generous, dramatic, and affectionate, it can incline you to move towards excess. This impact is more noticeable as the day advances because of some challenging aspects to Jupiter. The Moon squares Jupiter tonight, and the charts move into a sesqui-square between the Sun, Leo’s ruler, and Jupiter, exact tomorrow morning. You may feel vague restlessness and discontent with life as it is, ideally pushing you to improve and expand. However, this can also lead to problems with overestimating what you need, wastefulness, and exaggeration. Moodiness is quite possible so be aware that yourself and others might be on a bit of an edge. In love and compassion if you know that you do not push people further off that edge.
~Suzanne Wagner~




“Our arms start from the back
because they were once wings.”
~Martha Graham~

I love this quote today because I believe that within all of us is a higher angelic presence. There is that spark of light, life, freedom, and consciousness that enlivens these dense bodies into action in this karmic dance of Earth. I believe that some of us get so caught up in our “human” self that we forget our higher and more aware angelic self. But I do believe that our “angelic self” wanders around at night when we sleep to help others in their times of crisis and challenge. The problem is that the more disconnected the human self is from the angelic self, the more they seem to feel disconnected and unaware of each other. I find that it is our human self that gets caught up in the pain and suffering, drama and discouragement, that is part of the human experience. It feels not good enough and unworthy of remembering that divinity that is the spark that enlivens your whole being.
That angelic side tries to break through the density of the mind and ego. But some egos are un-healthfully strong and stop the compassionate nature of the soul to fully come in and through the human self. It is up to you to remember that you are both and to find a way that they can both co-exist in the same time and space.

Start by just recognizing that if what I say is true and you wanted to integrate both side, you might recognize that your angelic self does not want to cause harm to anyone. It does not want to hate. It does not want to provoke. It only wants to do things that bring less suffering to this plane. If you are awaken enough to notice that you are causing more pain in others by your words and actions, then you are in your ego. If you move towards the place of compassion and understanding, then your words and actions will reflect that. If you promote fear in others, then you are actually terrified. If you promote anger in others than you are holding hate. Self-awareness is the key to finding freedom that allows you to evolve beyond this plane of existence. You have the tools within you to find that balance. But you may or may not be using them fully or adequately.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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