March 29, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 3/30/20 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/30/20

3/30/20 is the number 10. If you add the 3 + 3 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 10.

I have to laugh, yesterday I put together some pots with Cilantro and Arugula seeds. I put Fish Bone Meal in the pots to make them filled with vitality. And of course my lovely neighbor, the skunk decided to paw through them all, break a pot, eat the Fish Bone Meal and then steal  the open bag. I wake up to my porch a muddy mess (it has been raining for days). And now I must begin again. There you go. The number 1 in full expression. Life will always give you one more thing to do. Living in nature (and I really live in nature), you have to deal with the reality that everything here is also fighting to survive. The skunk felt complete because he or she got a great meal of seeds and Fish Bone Meal. How stinky and yummy that must have been to a skunk 10 miles from the ocean. LOL! So this is how it goes in life. Clearly it was my job to feed the skunk. (At least according to Mother Nature).
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Monday, Mars moves into idealistic Aquarius until mid-May. This supports stepping out of your normal routine, inventing something new, and creating new technologies. All things that are deeply needed at this time. All success depends on your own individual determination and work ethic. Your focus or lack of focus will define your success or failure. Look for the new idea, the extraordinary thought the drastically changes your perspective and thinking. Then let that lead you forward. Right now, what you do, please do with full faith and belief in yourself to complete it. While some actions are difficult, others are easy because they are forward thinking and inclusive to the greater good of many. Be a crusader of a greater purpose for mankind and the amazing life on this planet. Keep your energy as level as possible. That will be difficult but you can do it. Know that all delays that show up are necessary for some unknown reason. Use the pause to rethink your plan and strategy. There might be a better way.

The Moon square Neptune. You will notice the imbalance within you and if that is contributing to nervousness and anxiety. Or you will notice that you are aware of your own lethargy and self-deception, and then step past the obvious blocks that the mind is presenting to confuse and complicate things.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“When the Earth is sick
and the wild animals
are disappearing,
a tribe made up of people
from all cultures will come
to say with deeds and not
with words, that Love is the
source of healing and will help
restore life on the planet.”
– Hopi Prophecy –


There will come a time … when humanity (as we know it) is no more. What becomes of us, will depend upon our ability to adapt, learn, and change. In the larger cosmic order of things; suns become super nova’s and explode, planets collide with other planets and space debris such as comets, and disasters (such as volcanos and plagues) threaten life that exists in a moment of time. There is always a clock ticking and within linear time that clock ticks away at this life and so it is that we have to learn how to have compassion in the face of duality and those that are different. At some point everything that we define as us, will alter irrevocably.

We will pass through a doorway and evolve into (hopefully) our greatest human potential. I believe many have already done so. And there are many still to go in this journey.

And that clock is ticking.

Delaying is never a good option because it is just a sign of resistance to change. And the more you resist the more you will suffer in some way. It hurts to resist. I personally prefer to move when the universe slaps my hand rather than wait until she hits me with a “cosmic two-by-four”.

We are being asked to bring all of our consciousness to this place, moment, and time, while we are here.

That is no small feat.

Choosing to embody the totality of your being in this density is frightening. It is amazing that this body can hold as much of that powerful light as it does even now. But this body is an envelope that has the capacity to stretch and expand like a balloon.

I believe that as we dropped into this density, we stuck the more delicate parts of ourself on the outside of our aura. And as we develop boundaries, learned how to protect ourselves in this place, and learned to expand the love inside, we become safer to ourself and then we naturally begin to embody those more subtle and energetically sensitive parts within our body. The more you embody your authentic self, the less you are influenced by the distortions and illusions of others.

Everything in my core tells me that this moment is a massive global awakening. The likes of which have never happened in this world ever. Never in history has everyone been asked to self-isolate for months at a time. It is an astonishing act of compassion for this world and those that are at risk.

You stay in not for yourself as much as you stay in to protect others, as you do not know if you are a potential carrier of this horrible epidemic. Feel into that compassion that is growing within. Feel into that place where you make choices not just for yourself and your family but for others too. That is a beautiful gift you are giving the world. Thank you.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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