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Numerology/Astrology for 3/31/21                       

3/31/21 is the number = 12.

Add the 3 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 11. 1 + 2 = 3.

The Number 3 reminds us to pay attention when things around us are repeating, especially in threes. The number 3 is a number of the trinity (father, son, and holy ghost). Often when things repeat three times, it is the angels attempting to get your attention. I think that angels and guides are repeating things more than three times, trying to get us to adjust to a new idea or possibility. But when three things show up rapidly, it is equivalent to an angel yelling. It means that thing wants you to notice and realize that they are giving you a warning or some critical piece of information. If I get three things happening rapidly back to back, I will immediately stop and shift what I was about to do and recalibrate my action.

While this number is the number of positive mind, today, it feels as if we have something more to pay attention to.

What messages do you keep receiving?

What types of things are repeating?

And what are they attempting to show you that you keep missing?

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today             

We finish out the month of March with the Moon in Scorpio. Seeking the deeper truths and understanding the mystery of our life is something to explore. Somehow there are things within calling to us to go into a self-discovery process. The old reality now seems flat and without color and depth. This new reality emerging from within our awareness helps us connect some dots that have never found where they fit in our psyche. We are waking up in some unusual ways.

We are still feeling strained from the Uranus and Mercury semi-squaring. How can it feel as if we are rushing but somehow never arriving? Such is this moment in time. There is a desire to complete something, but it seems as if 15 other things need to be done before we manage to get that first project done. It can feel a bit annoying. Distraction seems to be the way of life for the moment. Have a sense of humor about it. While today might test your patience, know that way through in life is always better with a smile and some laughter. Life loves to play games that seem to want to make each of us crazy. That is the game that life plays. That game shows you where things are not as simple as our mind wants to make them. This world is trying to open up minds beyond this 3-dimensional realm. We can always find more to learn and grow from. At least we are not bored. Routines will continue to be upset.

The Sun and Saturn sextile in the evening. If you need to handle something that requires patience, this evening might be a perfect time. Some things will require extra effort. That should not be so surprising. By now, all of us should have gotten used to the constant upgrade of systems and the implementation of new techniques to handle our work remotely. The key to this new reality in which we find ourselves is to do what is right in front of us, moment by moment. Just stay on top of things as best as you can. Getting behind will be miserable as you later try to catchup. All things happening right now are building upon each other. We will grow more in the next two years than we have grown in the last ten years. We can blame the awakening of the Aquarian Age for all this. And it is not bad. It will ultimately help us move out of some of the places we were stuck and not growing and into a more useful way of being interconnected in this world.

We have some patterns that intend to teach us humility and deal with criticism in ways that are not about avoidance, blame, or fantasy bonding with beliefs that no longer apply. We will be discovering that we are stronger when we own what is ours, do not use blame ever again, and put all that energy into constructive patterns that allow for results that serve more than just ourselves.

What is beautiful today is that this astrology is showing us doors that help us accept ourselves and approach life in a more humbling way.

All insights point towards deeper self-awareness. Movement is designed to be purposeful and practical.

~Suzanne Wagner~



In our process of becoming whole

we will also heal this world

and bring earth out of this

limited dimension and into

a more unified pattern and

become part of the universal whole.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The Power of Three.

So today, I wish to tell one of my favorite stories.

When I was in my 30’s, my husband was working down in the Grand Canyon for the summer. Every two weeks, I would drive half-way down, and he would drive halfway up and meet in the middle ground, which was Beaver, UT.

This one weekend, I drove out of Salt Lake City, and I was driving quite fast on the highway I15 South.

I was listening to music, rocking out, not paying attention to my speed. (I was going very fast). Then suddenly, I see a dead owl on the left side of the road. And the dead owl had its wing up, which in the Native American tradition is a signal that you can take feathers from that bird. But I was not a Native American, and it is illegal for me to have such feathers in my possession. But I wondered if I was supposed to take them for one of the shaman I knew. My consideration of all this slowed down my car. And just when I was about to turn around, a hawk was on the same side of the road and flys out right in front of my car. I hit my brakes hard, and the bird flew over the top of my car, but it did cross my path.

Now, I am really paying attention because a hawk crossing my path is a warning. Then I realized that an owl on the side of the road is also a death warning. Two symbols were warning me to be careful and to slow down.

So I did. And slowed way down.

Instead of driving fast now, I am going 45 miles per hour on the freeway, and I am in the slow lane with cars passing me quickly on the left.

Then in front of me, I see a thunder cloud and a sheet of rain coming down.

I am going well under the speed limit, but when I hit that rain, it was coming down so hard that my windshield wipers were on full speed, and I could barely see out.

That is when I noticed the back end of my car fishtailing. Something felt unstable. As I felt the movement, I wondered if the driver’s side back tire was going flat. Just when I had that thought, lightning struck the pavement right in front of my car. I drove through an electrified field, protected by the rubber tires. The boom was so loud I was shocked that my windshield didn’t break.

Then I knew, “Stop the Car!”

Three warnings, three confirmations. You don’t need to tell me more than three times before I shift drastically.

I stopped the car, the rain magically stopped, got out, and my driver’s side back tire was flat.

Then I realized that if I had been driving fast when that rainstorm hit with a tire going flat, I probably would have spun out and flipped my car. I could have died.

But three times, I was warned. Three times I was shown in metaphor that I understood and that my consciousness would notice.

I believe that is how angels work. They use what we understand and what makes sense to us in an attempt to bring information into our awareness to hopefully change our behavior.

Many years ago, my sister did one of my channeling classes and had a very challenging time during the course. There were moments when she realized that she never wanted to be here and that the angels told her she had to do this challenging lifetime. She was hurt, angry, and uncertain, even when so many messages were coming her way.

I told her to ask for some confirmation and to look for the number 3 repeating.

Sure enough, the next day, she opened her front door, and on the doorstep were three bluebird feathers.

She called me excited and said, “I know why you do this crazy shit. It brings magic back into this reality!”

I smiled, saying, “No, the magic has always been there. It is just our awareness that is lacking or asleep.”

We are souls in the process of awakening. We are here to remember, embrace, and integrate the totality possible in this dimension and realm.

But long ago, many things shifted in such a way that our chakras became too dense or shattered. So we are each living with energy centers that are out of balance with the rest of our body. We are attempting through practice, experience, and healing to bring shattered selves back together and places of density to expand and open back up. Then to finally figure out how to align those systems back into a pattern that can energetically bring us out of the darkness and into the light of conscious awareness.

In our process of becoming whole, we will also heal this world, bring earth out of this limited dimension and into a more unified pattern, and become part of the universal whole.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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