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Numerology/Astrology for 3/3/18

3/3/18 is the number 8.  It is impossible to not feel the sadness that infects the world at this time. While there are natural cycles of life’s intensity and clearly, we are in one of them, it is also a lesson to learn how to hold difficult times with clarity so that appropriate actions can be taken in each and every moment. Notice if you are responding to others with condescension and acting like you are superior. That indicates an unwillingness for you to address your inner pain and sorrow. I have found that when someone shows me a particular projection of their identity that often what is fueling that underneath is usually the opposite. When working in Hollywood, many of the movie stars are so talented and yet also deeply sensitive and insecure people personally. That is what drives them to be other characters and to be so good at it. Their own deepest inner self is holding usually some emotion that they would prefer to hide. I believe acting is the perfect job for them to explore other projections and possibilities and give themselves references to other methods and ways of thinking and being. It is a form of healing. But that taught me to never really trust what someone projects outward. Look to that opposite self and that tells you more about a person. If you cannot see another’s hidden self, then you really should probably not be completely trusting them either. Once you know the full circle and cycle that a person’s personality runs, then you can make a clear decision on who this person really is.

The Moon completes its transit of Virgo at 3:21 AM EST when it enters Libra. The Moon’s square to Saturn this afternoon occurs frequently enough, but with Saturn in Capricorn until 2020, this transit now happens when the Moon is in Libra or Aries. Know that you may feel blocked from expressing your needs for companionship or the comforts of relationships this afternoon, perhaps due to your responsibilities or concerns. You might find that expressing your feelings and what you need from others is harder to do at the moment. Know that there is a shift as Mercury, Venus, and Chiron align tomorrow. This is a type of divine energy for communicating and connecting with others in a very real and authentic way. For now, you may be feeling the energies of the impending alignment of the Sun and Neptune, and it can be challenging verbalizing authentic feelings. Be kind to others because there is an extremely sensitive pattern today affecting the moods and undercurrents of others. You make judgments intuitively and instinctually. You may have a hard time defining your actions or your goals. Be careful because you can lose sight of reality and reason. While your personal morals may seem more flexible now, you are being stretched in some challenging and unusual ways. This transit wants to stimulate and enhance your spiritual awareness, imagination, and inspiration. And that is a good thing.
~Suzanne Wagner~




Some people make your heart bloom.
Some people make your leaves fall.
Some people make light
explode out of your eyes
Some people make you
pull your energy down
into your roots.
We all have an impact
on those around us.
The question is.
Do you see the
personal impact
your energy has on others?
~Suzanne Wagner~




Once upon a time there were a bunch of older men
Who lived in the past and wished for what might have been.
They did not like what and who was changing the world
They had to stop this transition from being uncurled.
They had so much fear that had festered inside
That it exploded out and infected their pride.
The fear ran loose and continued to grow
To everyone one they touched and all that they know.
It began to erode what they wished to save.
You cannot go back, no matter how much of it you craved.
Their desire to protect their ego and choice not to grow.
Allowed them to create a suffering they did not know.
It ate away at all they held so dear.
It broke down the very dream that seemed so clear.
Even as it was happening they still refused to see
That this fear had turned to a hatred spree.
And now that it let loose, this wolf at the door.
It would not go away and only wanted more.
It wanted to tear down and cause the pain.
That those older men had denied in vain.
That which you disown actually owns you.
That which you hide from is actually the cue.
The cue to your soul’s salvation and change.
The cue to how you become whole again.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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