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Numerology/Astrology for 3/4/20

3/4/20 is the number 11 again. If you add the 3 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.

There will seem to be a lot of negativity going around right now. Don’t let it in. Move from your core, your heart, your spirit, and above all ……  hope! You don’t have to be afraid; you need to know. Information is strength. Information gives you objectivity and clarity. I hope and pray for calm minds and clear hearts as we move forward. There is much ahead. It is best to keep your hat on (a metaphor). You don’t know when you are going to have to make a radical shift. Be smart, stay steady, and know your limits. This is going to be an endurance race not a sprint.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Wednesday is the most active day this week. The early morning begins with mental Mercury moving backwards into Aquarius. We started the retrograde cycle in Pisces on February 16. This is the time to review and reflect on new ideas and higher ideals. Try  meeting some new people and expand into some new adventures until Mercury turns direct on the 9th. Expect it to be a talkative day. Claim your independence and express your interest in art. Listen to your intuition and your originality. Let the vast knowledge within your core advise your next move.

In the evening, Venus moves into Taurus until April 3. Venus in Taurus helps you manifest your needs and desires. In Taurus, it likes manifesting money the most but she also likes her sensual pleasures such as massage, chocolate or planting spring flowers. Use this energy to get your garden going and clean out the brush and weeds. While it is not planting time, it is a ridiculously early spring. Might as well use the good weather now.

The Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus says it is time to pay attention. Your ambition and originality is setting the stage for a new reality. It is going to require determination, ingenuity and hard work to achieve what you want but with new methods and the inspiration of millions who want change, you do not have to do it alone.

Mercury sextile Venus making your skills of communication more persuasive than normal. Let it guide you through to another way. No matter what make all things better.

The Moon in Cancer opposes Mars in Capricorn. Be careful as this aspect can make people a bit belligerent and disagreeable. Hasty actions are going to pull things further apart. You may notice that you are repressing feelings causing a depressive moodiness.

What is clear is that more and more hidden information is becoming revealed. Pay attention to what is being said. Know that all information is not being revealed still. Don’t be lackadaisical. You need as much information as you can get. Take it all in. Don’t be quick to make a judgment or decision. You are not properly informed.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Do you notice where you have fear?
It is in that tone; it is in your sneer.
You have to look past the part,
where your ego tells you to look smart.
Behind the veil of what you want
is a truth that is nonchalant.
We are addicted to drama and pain.
We are drawn to the loudest strain.
Take the time to find the peace.
And watch the fear finally cease.
Discover who you really are.
Because within you is an avatar.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Once again I watch the rhetoric spewing in lots of directions. Truth means nothing and opinions, beliefs, and agendas of proving superiority seem to rule. It is shocking! And yet, completely expected in this world.

I have learned something in life. Never assume any position based on the three self-deceptions above. Especially when it comes to health issues. I know that genetics play an enormous part of how your body will respond in different situations. I have traveled the world and know that being exposed to something new and different challenges your immune system more. I know that things like viruses and bacteria are completely random and no one can claim some crazy superiority about knowing that they will not get sick.

I have taken groups around the world and I have learned that those you think are susceptible end up not being vulnerable at all. Those you think are strong ….  are not. Therefore you can never make any assumption about anything when it comes to health and the response of a body to a particular event.

I have read all the studies (because of being a licensed massage therapist for 30 years) around stress and injury/illness. You can take a healthy stressed person and they will get something and go down. You can take an unhealthy but not stressed person and expose them to the same illness and they will be fine. Stress (internally and externally) are enormous issues that contribute to whether you are exposed and vulnerable to illnesses or not. Certain genetic predispositions are vulnerable to respiratory infections. Some are not. There are many factors that have to be considered before you go off telling others how to take care of themselves or how to prevent certain illnesses.

What I know is that you cannot judge stress by looking at someone. You cannot know someone’s genetic history without a test.

Opinions in this moment do not matter.

What matters is how informed you are around your body. And you must listen to your intuition in each moment. It is important to follow the path that aligns with your core but does not allow you to lie and deny.

But everyone will make their own choices. We will see in the end who is right.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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