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Numerology/Astrology for 3/5/17
3/5/17 is the number 9. The number 9 asks the question, “What do you need to do to find a sense of completion for yourself and your present situations?” That is a tough question because all of us are a work in progress. There are moments when it just feels as if nothing will ever get done and other moments when you just have to let go regardless of if something feels complete or not. The only game is to do your best in each and every moment. That is all any of us can do. I learned this being a ballet dancer. Performances are rarely perfect. But you go out there and you do your best no matter what. When you are finished, you have to let that show go and make a note as to what you might want to work on and then you have to release it to the past, to history, chalk it up to a learning experience, and allow yourself to move forward. If you wait to step up and into your life until you are perfect you will be waiting for a very long time. Let your authentic heart move you. Then you will always have a sense of completion regardless of what is happening externally. Listen to your intuition and allow the energetic world to move you forward. We are all here to learn and grow. We came down here to have experiences and to expand beyond our narrow perspective. Just allow your life to teach you. You will be amazed how much that striving and seeking of a teacher is a distraction from the messages and lessons showing up right now in your world.

A First Quarter Moon occurs with the Sun in Pisces and forms a square with the Gemini Moon this morning. Welcome to another crisis in the quarter Moon phase. You know you want to take action but are uncertain as to the direction and purpose. You want things to shift. You want it all to change. But we are in a cycle where things will not move quickly because of the resistance and density of many people to believe what their ego wants to tell them, thus sabotaging the deeper truth and realization that will cause an awakening of their soul to a painful understanding. Because of that there has to be a moment of mass consciousness awakening and those types of moments do not happen quickly. They have to be cooked slowly and allowed to stew before the clarity overrides the illusion. Later today, Mars forms a trine with Saturn, which is a good influence for locking things down (at least momentarily). You have no choice but to take a more practical approach to your life. You can have a stronger sense of responsibility and a feeling of directedness and purposefulness under this influence. It’s a good time to temper your energy with a good dose of reality. It is a great moment to exercise better judgment through creating lists of pros and cons to get to the bottom of where you are standing in the realms of positive or negative emotions. It is a great time to get organized, clean things out, get the taxes handled and to make those improvements that you know you want to do. Traditional methods work, and thoroughness brings rewards. Even so, you are still recovering from a little energetic slump with Mars and Neptune forming a semi-square this morning – a very different energy. Know that you are extremely sensitive to the moods and undercurrents in your world. This aspect is in direct contrast to the Mars-Saturn influence that acts to toughen us up so that we tune out distractions. As you can see those contrasting energies may create you having a hard time defining your actions and your goals. Be careful to not lose sight of reality and reason. If you let the Mars-Saturn align and be in more balance internally, you might be able to combine imagination and method successfully.
~Suzanne Wagner~



If you’re looking at her and she’s not saying a word,
listen harder…..look longer…..There are oceans of
unfinished sentences in her eyes.
~Stephanie Bennett-Henry~


A little story, perhaps it is fiction perhaps it is true. All I know is that it was a story told to me as a personal story. I cannot verify completely but I believe that some part or all of the story is true because who told it, had lived this story. Therefore, I suspect it is true to some extent but the name of this remarkable woman that I refer too I am unclear about.

The story was spoken to me spontaneously by an older person of great renown in Berlin Germany and he was in charge of a significant theater during my days in Berlin, where I lived from 1978-1982.

So here is the story as I remember it. I find it a fascinating story and one (if true) worthy of being repeated.

This older gentleman (I will call him Wilhelm, but that is not his actual name) spoke to me in a quiet moment of being a dancer for the ballet in Berlin during the time of the Nazi’s. As the German terror continued their takeover of the minds and souls of the German people, the safety of the “gay” men in the theaters, symphonies, cabarets, and clubs became more dangerous. (Needless to say, there was danger for many, Jews especially, but this is his story.)

Berlin was the most beautiful city in Europe before WWI and it was considered the “Gay Mecca” to many who chose a lifestyle outside the normal parameters of society.

Wilhelm was a young gay man during the emergence of the Nazi’s. As time passed, again and again, the Commanders of the Nazi’s wanted to ship the “gay” men out of Berlin and to concentration camps.

In their words, “They were an abomination!”

But there was one woman, the wife of the head of the theater that was close to the Commanders and she used all her feminine wiles to turn those Commanders around by saying, “If you got rid of all the “gay” men in the theaters the shows will be terrible and what good will that do for the morale of the people?”

So, she managed to save many as the years progressed and she warned the men to keep their heads down and to not appear in any way that made them suspect to the Nazi Commanders. Which they did.

But the war progresses and she and her husband were afraid of staying too long. They knew that they needed to get out of Germany but there came a moment when regardless of her skills at communication and negotiation the “gay” men were rounded up and shipped off to a concentration camp. Wilhelm being one of them.

He described the fear and terror at being taken and put on the trains. He described the horror at arriving at the “transition” camp before they were going to be shipped off to one of the Death Camps.

They believed that their life was over and the hopelessness began to overtake them.

When suddenly they were being taken out and away from the transition camp. They were being shipped south and then hidden in a small village in southern Germany on the Austrian border.

And that was where they waited out the rest of the war.

Many of these men survived and they heard that this head of the theater and his wife disappeared and seemed to vanish from Germany right before the collapse of the Nazi’s. Rumor had it that they went back to England but there was no proof or verification of that fact.

After the war, there was much destruction and hardship as the entire country had to be rebuilt. Farms, roads, bridges, etc. had to be redone and Wilhelm did not think much about his close call because he was attempting to survive.

Slowly information began to trickle in that it was the wife of the head of the theater who had managed to free the “gay” men from what would have been a horrific end. She used all her pull and skill and after she knew they were safe she disappeared with her husband, never to return. They even left all their belongings in the apartment in Berlin, as well as, their expensive cars, art, and furniture.

But the Commanders were so enamored with this woman that they put all their belongings in a bunker to wait out the war. They feared they had died in some unknown event and so much chaos was happening at that point that they did not have the luxury to figure it out.

After the Allied Forces took over Berlin. They found the bunker where the Commanders had kept the belongings of this pair. Because there was paperwork as to who these items belonged to those items stayed in storage.

Many years passed when finally, this woman returned to Berlin, she found a few of the men she had saved and told them that she had been a double agent for the British and that when she saved the “gay” men from the gas chambers she was afraid that her cover had been blown. So, in the dark of night she and her husband had escaped, leaving all their belongings but taking the money and jewelry. The Allied Forces helped them escape and they went back to England.

She believed that all of her belongings must have been destroyed in the bombing but the “gay” men took it upon themselves to see if anything could be recovered even at this late date. Armed with descriptions of the items they contacted the Allied forces

Much to their surprise everything was safe and sound in a warehouse. And this lovely woman who had risked everything got back all of her prized possessions.

I tell this story for the bravery and courage that it takes for each person to stand up for what is right. It is not about partisanship or politics, it is about humanity. This is a moment when each of us is called to discover our humanity and know that even in small ways we can make a difference. When you face great challenges, you find a place where you feel compelled to take action. Trust that feeling. Listen and let your heart guide you forward.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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