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Numerology/Astrology for 4/10/21                       

4/10/21 is the number = 10

Add the 4 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 10.

The Number 10 requires us to begin again. Courage within allows us to step outside our old reality to try something new.

It also begs the question, “Who are you?”

Deep down, we are a mystery to ourselves. This life is about uncovering and discovering the capabilities hidden in the depths and complexities of this existence.

If you are tired of feeling restricted by this pandemic, today is a perfect day to intend to connect to something within you that is new and unique.

Perhaps it is time to do what we want to do without feedback from others.

Perhaps it is time to live and learn on our terms—some places within need to be uncovered by us.

Some places are so sacred that until we open specific doors, no one else will be able to get into those places. But when we are willing to dive in and open those places up, we discover hidden sources of power and energy that were latent and untapped. While other guardians were working to protect and hide certain places, out of sight of those that might do them harm.

Some places can only be discovered when our soul is ready to reveal those deepest secrets to us. But to do that, those places within need to trust us to do the right thing.

Some doors only open when a type of compassion and love are anchored solidly in place. When the self-acceptance flow is stronger than the ego, then the deeper truth of our being can be revealed.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today             

The Moon builds up momentum as it passes through the determined sign of Aries. The Moon combines with the communicator Mercury supporting us in diving into conversations long overdue.

There is a deep desire to get going and get those things done that have been bothering you. There are very practical things that need doing, and now there is an ability to boldly step towards clearing things up and organizing things that allow for breathing room.

Today there is a Mercury Saturn sextile, which helps us direct our energies towards being not original but constructive. Expectations are clear, and order is demanded at this time.

Venus and Jupiter sextile later in the day, and it helps us feel better after we get some things in better order. Once the “work” is done, you can get to that more fun project you have wanted to do. It makes for a joyful day as it goes along. And you might be able to do some things that you have wanted to get to. Later in the day, things seem comfortable and more convenient. It allows for a more generous expression of time, energy, and money.

There is a trend towards optimism. The higher meaning in our life becomes more apparent.

Romance is favored, and that allows for a more positive outlook.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Some doors only open

when a type of compassion

and love are anchored

solidly in place, and when

the flow of self-acceptance

is stronger than the ego,

then the deeper truth

of our being can be revealed.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I think what has surprised me the most about this pandemic has been how busy I have been. There are many reasons for it.

My husband is home and not working from India any longer. The projects that kept being set aside because of our busy work world were finally put at the top of the list instead of the bottom. And as those things were taken on, there were layers and levels of additional problems that arose. Cooking full time because all the restaurants were closed took vast chunks of time. And the food is important; therefore, the planning and organizing of meals for the week was essential, so I needed to only go minimally to the grocery store. Using up as much of my food storage in consistent ways also required creative planning on my part. Ordering things online took organization and planning. And then (of course) I was trying to work my regular job at the same time.

I don’t remember being this busy, even with just regular life.

In the pre-pandemic days, work could be so busy that I had very little time for anything else. My personal life went out the window.

Now, personal life has become even more important. And while I have more time to call family and friends and linger on the phone with them (something I consider a luxury), it is also something that takes tremendous time.

In this pandemic, I try to connect with my mother (who is 85) each day, address her issues, order food to arrive at her door when necessary, and do the banking online for her and help her with the constant computer updates. As I am her primary daily connection at 85 (with most of her friends dead), it is essential to take time and make a real connection with her each day. After all, I don’t know how much longer she will be around, and I want to make the most of the times we still have.

I do love that I seem to be doing more with family. Something that my busy life had not allowed for quite some time. I can feel something deep in my core shifting out of old patterns and habits and into a process where living a real-life has special meaning and value. Overall, I believe it is a powerful shift into a pattern that is more sustainable.

I hope the projects on this land finally slow down and stabilize. Today, we are still using equipment and doing burn piles for fire prevention. It is an endless supply of sticks, logs, and branches that come down in the redwood forest. And we need to do these piles in the green burn zone while we have permission to burn.

I recognize that doing all these projects now is vital as we are still young enough to do them and have the energy and strength to make them happen.

I don’t want to try some of the things we are presently doing when I am 80. But perhaps this type of thing will make us live longer and have a healthier aging process.

Overall, I think the trade is worth it. And it brings in a calmer and healthier life. I believe this pandemic has been a great blessing for all of us to restructure and rediscover what is really important to each of us.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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