March 31, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 4/1/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/1/17

4/1/17 is the number 6. As you feel that you have to go back to pick up something that you missed, don’t be surprised as we have gone back in the numbers to go forward. Sometimes it is hard to get all the information completely aligned the first time. So, the universe gives you another option. Here we are in the moment for you to reconsider again. Take a moment to stop, look, and listen. Not to the crazy conversation in your mind but the one happening out in the real world and the very subtle one happening inside…that whisper that attempts to break through the noise of your ego that is attempting to guide you out of the patterns of your past and into the patterns of the future.
The Moon is in Gemini all day and communicating, thinking, and learning are in strong focus. Today can be a lot of fun but don’t believe everything you hear. The Moon is in harmony with generous Jupiter during the late afternoon and early evening, great for dinner with friends. You can experience a high need for variety and intellectual stimulation now. The Moon in Gemini is light-hearted, breezy, and curious, but it can also be restless and fickle. The day is particularly good for cooperation and approaching your relationships in a new way, especially as you become more aware of past relating patterns.
Love & money Venus continues to be retrograde until the 15th; but the difference since its beginning in Aries on March 4th, is that the goddess of relationships now moves backwards into Pisces, April 2-28. Practice forgiveness of old relationships gone bad or sneak off to a beautiful location for a short vision quest. Then, communications planet Mercury begins his retrograde cycle April 9 until May 3, so it is time to come up with some new ideas and explore new territory. Saturn turns retrograde until August, so go easy a couple days before and after the 5th. Impatience will get you in trouble. Between now and August, you benefit by looking at the core structure of how you live your life. Consider how you would like that to change over the summer- move, remodel, insert more playtime, pay off outstanding bills, enter/exit a personal or business relationship (or just improve your boundaries), etc. Also make note that Saturn stops in the sky near the end of Sagittarius where it has been since the fall of 2015. Tune in now to see if you can get a peek into 2018 when Saturn moves into his favorite sign, Capricorn. The full moon on the 10th is wild and crazy. It activates the already stressful Grand Cross patter that has been pushing your buttons for months.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Soon you will realize that many people will love the idea of you but will lack the maturity to handle the reality of you.

~ Reyna Biddy~

Astrology Spring Forecast by Mark Dodich


This spring is like the high anxiety phrase “cat on a hot tin roof.” If you think you can wait for things to settle down so that you can make moves from solid ground, think again. It is going to be move and adapt, shift and be flexible. Love & money Venus and mental Mercury are both retrograde in overlapping times March 4-May 3, and expansive Jupiter does not start moving forward until the full moon on June 9. It will almost be summer before you move forward in a more cohesive way. Take advantage of this time period to do a serious check in on who and what is most important to you. Consider where you are spending time with certain people or stuck in the same activities because they are comfortable. Like a well-worn pair of shoes, sometimes you just need to make a change, like it or not. Venus and Mercury spend most of their retrogrades in athletic Aries, the sign of blood circulation. Release emotional tension through physical movement (dance, exercise, yoga). For relationship

challengers, walk and talk rather than sitting in a fixed position. Create new money-making ideas now. But, you must step out your normal activity patterns to explore new possibilities. And you need to do so without expecting guarantees or specific results. Be open and adaptable. The same is true for seeking new Mercury is retrograde April 9-May 3. It starts its

rethinking phase in Taurus before moving backwards into “I’ll try anything once” Aries. Taurus is about values, and especially how you are manifesting your needs and desires in a tangible way. Aries is willing to try new ways to achieve those desires. The spring retrogrades offer you an excellent opportunity to explore new methods and activities. Of course, you must be willing to release that which needs to go away. Another important cycle shifting this spring may go unnoticed by the sleeping masses. Spiritual destiny points called the nodes of the moon are leaving Virgo and Pisces where they have been since Nov. 2015.

This has been a hard-working and relatively quiet combination, so not a lot of fun this past 1½ year. On May 9, the karma and dharma nodes shift into passionate and creative Leo and idealistic, social Aquarius until Nov. 2018. If you aren’t having any fun, then something’s

gotta change! Leo tells you that your heart must be engaged with whatever you do and with

whomever you do it with. Where Virgo and Pisces would be happy to stay

home to work or daydream, Leo and Aquarius are driven to share their passions and high ideals. It’s time to meet new people and explore different groups and organizations. Allow your creativity time to express itself, be it in artistic forms or by inventing the next smart phone app. Although early spring continues to hold tension and anxiety on a variety of different levels, know that after expansive Jupiter begins to move forward on June 9, you will be prepared to push forward with a fresh breath of air.

~Mark Dodich~

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