April 11, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 4/12/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/12/20

4/12/20 is the number 11. If you add the 4 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.

The universe is trying to help us expand into something beyond the old repetitive patterns that humanity keeps falling into. We will see if this time we succeed to stepping past the harsh lessons that historically have happened when lies and denial take precedence over truth and freedom. I believe that we can step into another place, where caring for our world and each other finally is seen as essential not a luxury. Without that strong agreement that radical change is essential, we risk everything we have co-created again, and can fall into the negativity that threatens to swallow hope. I personally will continue to refuse to let bullies and those who hold hate in their heart to dictate my actions and choices. And together we can stand up and change what is happening right now. But it will take all of us and it will take years to undo the destruction that has been happening to freedoms all over the world. I know that there are those that can and will take everything you have if you let them. The one thing that no one should ever give up is your autonomy and freedom. Nor should you give up your love and hope for a better world.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Easter Sunday, The Moon is not making any connections or aspects to other planets. Since it likes to do that and feels best when relating to other planets, it creates a lull. I hope this will manifest as a quiet holiday. But that makes sense as everyone is supposed to be self-isolating. It is a great time to meditate and connect to your highest self. Catch up on the laundry, cut the grass, take a nap. So the theme this Easter is to take your time and do quiet and humble projects. I personally have been working on putting a new fence around my garden area to keep the deer out. A great project that takes time and help from my husband. Working together is always the best.

The Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune. Let yourself dream but do not deceive yourself. Stay balanced internally to the external world that is clearly out of balance. Be sensitive to what others and yourself are going through but don’t get caught up in too much fear or trying to figure out the future. Let your nervous system rest. Be hopeful but realistic.

With the Sun in Aries trine the Moon in Sagittarius, discover and allow for recognizing the amazing gift of connection and healing that this moment is offering you. Notice that you are being given a change to connect with loved ones and have those important conversations that have needed to happen to free yourself from the past.

This evening the Moon will goes into Capricorn making things get serious again. Know that you need to concentrate and be determined in this time of great change. You have important things that you need to do. You can see that you have neglected yourself for way too long. Enjoy this moment where you can rediscover the beauty and creative expression that you are inside. Your focus will improve and what you really need to do comes into clarity.
~Suzanne Wagner~


You cannot turn off your heart in your chest.
You cannot let anyone take from you your best.
Within your soul is a precious spark.
Something that has been with you from the start.
A light that has always guided your way.
A light that has kept the darkness at bay.
It is in that light, you can trust.
It is that light that evil wants trussed.
We have allowed the world to become sick.
And that allows great evil to stick.
It slithers in, in search of wealth and gold.
It listens not to truth when it is told.
You can tell those whose heart has been turned.
They believe the lies and are unconcerned.
The evil festers deep in their heart.
And uses fear and anger as a dark art.
To rid the darkness in your soul.
You have to connect to your celestial pole.
When you reclaim what is your true north.
You will claim your own direction and go forth.
Then the powers that have held such a hold,
Will be seen as shackles even if they are made in gold.
Freedom comes not from great wealth.
Freedoms are taken with aggression and stealth.
It is up to you to refuse another’s path.
Especially ones from aggressive sociopaths.
If you listen to the light you will know the way.
And from their prisons you will walk away.
~Suzanne Wagner~


A fabulous song by Delores Keane

Never be the Sun by Delores Keane

You’ll never be the sun turning in the sky
And you won’t be the moon above us on the moonlit night
And you won’t be the stars in heaven although they burn so bright
But even on the deepest ocean you will be the light
You may not always shine as you go barefoot over stones
You might be so long together or you might walk alone
And you’ll find that love comes easy
Or that love is always right
So even when the storm clouds gather you will be the light
And if you lose a parting side when love turns round on you
Leaving the past behind is knowing you’ll do like you always
Holding you blind
Keeping you true
You’ll never be the sun turning in the sky
And you won’t be the moon above us on the moonlit night
And you won’t be the stars in heaven although they burn so bright
But even on the deepest ocean you will be the light
You will be the light
You will be the light
~Delores Keane~

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