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Numerology/Astrology for 4/17/20

4/17/20 is the number 7. If you add the 4 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 16.  1 + 6= 7.

All things come in the time they are supposed to. I know that often we want things that do not come to us in the time requested or on the manner requested. Then from a childish place we try to play manipulation games with the Divine. We cajole, we whine, we pray, we demand, we try to say if the Divine gives us this we promise to do that… But through it all I have learned that things come when we are supposed to have them not when we want them. I wish it were not so but it proves itself out again and again. The Divine has a plan and that plan is not to just give us what we want, when we want it. We are here to learn how to work within this realm of duality. I wish we did not learn from powerful resistance. But not getting what we want forces our mind to think outside the box and to reach into the reservoir of inner strength and power to either understand or to manifest something that is more aligned with our true self.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Today, has Mercury playing nice with Venus. This is a great combination to have deeper conversations for relationship and to really look at what you want in your life. You may suddenly discover that your old rushing lifestyle now seems ridiculous. You may realize that you want a completely different life. And now because you recognize that you have to have that … everything will have to change.

Priorities are radically altering. Money seems less important. Life seems to have more value and now your time here on this earth seems shorter than you might have previously thought. Clearly an awakening is happening on a large scale. More and more people are feeling how respect of each other or the lack thereof has come to a critical threshold in the world. If we want abundance and peace to prosper, it is us that needs to change.
People are feeling the imbalance. It is clear that some greedy people are desperate to have it all while others having nothing and are not valued as important. Workers are feeling like they do not want to feel subordinate to bosses who use and abuse them. They do not believe those superiors are really superior. Humanity wants an environment where respect and honor take precedence over making money. It is clear that on a global level something has and will continue to shift. And just that makes me breathe a sign of relief. There is much still to do and many bad things will happen but in this moment I do not care because I can see and feel the shift that has needed to happen finally begin.

The Moon goes into Pisces in the afternoon and it triggers our intuition and a deeper longing. A longing that is old and ancient. A longing that makes us realize how much we are going to have to change. And without that longing which allows for us to have choice in the matter, those changes will be forced upon us. I personally prefer to walk through a doorway with my own two legs and choice rather than be dragged, painfully, kicking and screaming through that same door.

The old world is clearly dead and now it is up to us to create something new. The world needs very strong vision from us to help manifest something that is of value to the whole world. This moment in time we are finally past the petty needs of our personal self.
It is clear that all choices now have to be thought through in a much bigger way.
Your intuition is hitting the head of your ego and mind with a big club. I am sure you are feeling it. The strength of that intuitive self is going to become so loud that you will not be able to ignore it any longer. And while that might feel as if you are losing it in some way and going a bit crazy. The reality is it is your ego that is losing the control and that makes the ego crazy. Surrender to that intuitive flow and allow it to open up doors that you are not expecting. Let it lead you into a new and better life where you can be happier and more content.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Some storms come to block your way,
intentionally throw obstacles in your path.
They force you to go another direction.
That is because that path you thought
you were on, would lead you nowhere.
And while your mind could not let go
of what you believed you were seeking.
The universe had another plan.
These storms were created to get
you back on track.
These storms were never intended
to lead you the wrong way.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Another Peru Story

One year, my sister decided to come with me to Peru. She and I have an interesting relationship and one that has a particular anomaly. It seems when we get together strange situations happen and we confront death in some way or (as in most cases) I almost die.

Yes, that sounds strange but when she and I get together it triggers something very karmic and there are always bizarre situations that will manifest.

This is one of those stories.

We were in Machu Picchu and my sister wanted to take me somewhere that I had not been. And one of the trails that I had not been on was the Temple of the Moon trail. So off we went up to the trail. Now I want to say right here that I have done a lot of hiking and so had my sister, we thought we had enough supplies and were well prepared. I had a liter and a half of water with Gookinaid in it (an electrolyte drink) tuna, granola bars, and chocolate.
As we took the side trail to the Temple of the Moon we quickly saw that this trail was taking us to the underworld. The natural stone outcroppings that you never really saw because they  were underneath Machu Picchu on the sides of the cliffs. Those cliffs were the supporting structure of the ruin. But now I could see even more of the sacred geometry. There were carvings of snakes and birds of prey. All dark omens telling us that we were going into the underworld of the Inca. The symbols were startling and without being on this trail you would have never seen them.
We noticed that the trail was being worked on and that there were places where workmen had barrels of rainwater for them to drink. The trail was treacherous at some places as there were no handholds and 300 ft drop-offs. As we continued the trail decided to go down.
And I mean down.
The steps were steep and in many places the carved step was as high as from the bottom of my foot to my knee. I realized that we had seen no one on this trail and it was clear why. This was a difficult trail. It was at that moment that I said to my sister that perhaps we should go back, as we were really not prepared for this type of terrain.
She (as my adventurous sister always is) wanted to continue.

By the time we got down to the temple, we completely recognized that we were going to have an agonizing climb up and out.
The temple was beautiful. Some of the most amazing stonework I had seen in Machu Picchu. But it was also protected again by some entity. That entity did not feel angry, threatening, or evil but it did feel protective.
Inside a part of the temple there were niches that had large stones in them and on the wall was the biggest bug I have ever seen. It was as large as from my elbow to the tip of my middle finger.
I spoke to it as if it was a manifestation of the guardian of this temple. And I honored it and said that we were not going to harm the temple in any way.

Then we went into the cave/temple and sat and drank some water and ate our tuna (including the juice in the can). We did not realize until later that the Temple of the Moon is where they mummified the bodies and drained the fluid out of them for the mummification. And the whole time we were sitting on a platform where they did the mummification.
Finally we decided to leave.

Within 10 minutes of leaving we realized how hard our trek was going to be to get out of this place. Every step was so hard that every few steps I had to stop and while I wanted to sit down, I heard a guide in my head say clearly, “If you sit down you won’t make it out of here!” So I kept going.
My sister is a doctor and she realized that we were going into heat stroke and became concerned and then alarmed when suddenly I had diarrhea. That was because having diarrhea is a sign that your body and mind believes that you have been poisoned and thinks that you need to dump everything in your guts.
But to do that you leech more water out of your system. A very bad sign if you are already dehydrated.
And after that I was really in trouble. We were out of water. I was weaving on the trail with 300 foot drop-offs. I was stumbling. I was fuzzy in my brain. My eyes stopped taking in the entire area and all I could see was the trail in front of me. My mind just focused on taking one step at a time and not stopping.
My goal was to get to the barrels of water.
Now, I had no intention of drinking that water but I knew that I could sit in the barrel and cool off my core body temperature.
I felt as if I was cooking from the inside out.
My clothes were falling off me because my body was leeching water out of my blood in order to cool myself off. My heartbeats were harder and heavier. I could feel that my blood was thick and sticky.
I took off all my clothes to cool off. I was down to my skivvies and I did not care. I was so hot that I had to do anything possible to cool off. I figured if someone saw me on the trail that I would “Make their day!” LOL!

Finally we get to the barrel of water and I literally dive headfirst into the water. Then I take off my boots and socks and jump into the blissfully cool water.
My sister is laughing but I am so happy and I can feel my core temperature cool off and the stress level drop. I am then able to put my clothes back on. I tell her that she is welcome to jump in but she refuses and says that I was in worse shape than her.
Famous last words…..
As we continue out, suddenly she begins to break down. She is suddenly bee-lining her way out of there and when I ask her to slow down, she says that she can’t. That she is running on reserves and if she stops she will not be able to start again.
I understood because that is how I was feeling before the barrel of rainwater. We make it out of there and we see a family coming down from the main trail but all their water bottles are empty as we can see them empty in their hands.
So it felt pointless to ask them for water.

We make to the place where they were selling water and my clients are coming up to share about their day and I stop them and say, “My sister and I almost died from dehydration on the trail and we need water and Coca Colas as fast as you can get them for us. And they went over and kindly got us what we needed. I drank 2 liters of water and 4 Coca Colas and my sister about the same. When we got back to the Hotel we drank that much and more again and it still too me 10 hours to pee. The joke from my clients after that was, “Yea! Go to Peru with Suzanne and have a death experience!” LOL!
~Suzanne Wagner~


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