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Numerology/Astrology for 4/19/20

4/19/20 is the number 9. If you add the 4 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 18.  1 + 8 = 9.

Today’s completion number might translate into “enough is enough”. Here again, we have a great degree of tension mounting and there is a rising upset that people are suffering and do not have what they need to continue. This pattern cannot last for much longer without a rapid decline and aggressive reaction from the masses.
The number 9 can indicate that some are hitting a breaking point. Such moments can and will eventually ignite into a fire storm of radical and sometimes violent change. Perhaps that is what is needed to turn this toxic tide.
I always pray for calmer minds and brighter brains to create reasonable pathways through such times. But there is nothing about this time that is reasonable. We have never been here before in our lifetime. I would hope we would never be again, but the present path we are on leads clearly in this direction. I pray for a side path to be created by someone of power and influence to help us escape this hell that is manifesting from our own greed and unconsciousness.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues to be in Pisces on Sunday so exploring your spiritual side is a great idea.  The tone of this Moon changes because the Sun moves into earthy Taurus. That translates into “practical spirituality”, “practical magic”, or how to become a “practical visionary”. What would that look like to you?

The Moon conjuncts Neptune, bringing a type of hypersensitivity and a sense of emotional imbalance. Truth seems wishy-washy and inconsistent today. The feelings of loneliness are strong and also seem very personal. Reach out and touch someone that you love. They might need it.

The Sun does go into Taurus this morning. A little “fixed earth” energy is going to be helpful. It makes the practical and material issues bloom into the harsh and brightening light of spring. Do your best to be deliberate in your actions, think things through methodically, and know that patience is essential. The weakness is that those with a stubborn streak are going to put their feet down and refuse to budge. Security issues seem to be failing bringing up fear and anger. We are building to an explosion of rage if this continues much longer without financial help from the government.

While this is a time to heal and forgive, there are so many that might find that extremely challenging.
~Suzanne Wagner~


We are miners in a collapsed mine.

Trapped in darkness covered in grime.

Slaves to the masters who want all the gold.

They only care that we do what we are told.

And now in the darkness the air becomes thin.

The panic creeps in, getting under our skin.

We lie to ourself thinking they care if we get out.

We listen for rescue and call out and shout.

But no-one comes because they do not care.

With black eyes into the darkness we stare.

Realizing that we are pawns in their game.

Worth nothing if we cannot help them gain.

Shocking to know how little we are worth.

They will take no risks nor move any dirt.

It is cheaper to leave us here in the end.

A tragic loss, that for us will have no end.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Peru has this ability to open hearts in a way that I have not seen happen consistently anywhere else. Perhaps it is because they believe the Andes are the Heart Chakra of the world while the Himalaya are the Crown Chakra of the world. I have seen the happiest people in Peru and while they have nothing … they are completely happy. Perhaps it is because they can grow their own food and while that food might be simple, it is enough. Between the potatoes, quinoa, and maize, it is filled with the proper nutrition necessary to grow strong bodies.
I love picking up the children because the smelled like dirt. Not stinky dirt …. just dirt….. like a potato.

I would walk through villages and 20 plus children would be following me everywhere.
I loved to give things out to the children and adults. I would come with two big suitcases filled with things for the children, such as; pens, pencils, Bic lighters, cheap watches, colorful hair elastics, stickers, crayons, sidewalk chalk, balls, plastic dinosaurs, small dolls, soccer balls deflated, etc. Each day I would put a variety of these things into my backpack and hand things out throughout the day. Once the children realized what might come their way, it would become a storm of children, pushing you into the great Incan walls so they could be be first in line.
I would tell them in Spanish to get in a line and they would dutifully line up and each one would get something. Occasionally adults would get in the lines and they would say in Spanish, “Mother I have two children, can I please have two pencils for my babies?”
And of course I would give them more than that.
Anyone who was giving became the embodiment of “Pacha Mama” – The Mother.
Since I am not really a mother in this lifetime it was a special feeling that all of these children were in some way … mine. I believe that we are all connected in the circles of love and giving.

One day, I had a very large group and I was handing things out, and at the very end I had nothing left. I had given my water, granola bars, everything I could spare away and here was a very old woman in front of me with no teeth left in her head but a bright smile.
Realizing that I had nothing left that I could offer, I reached down to the ground and picked up a plain stone, held it to my heart, put all my love and care into that stone and offered it to her.

She smiled, recognizing that I had nothing left.
But then she did something so unexpected. She took the stone from me as if I had offered her the most precious jewel. She closed her eyes and held it to her heart and in that moment I recognized that she understood that I had given her my energy and that was something very special and precious to her. And she walked away happy and content.

She was an ancient soul who understood the power of energy and the gift that was in the stone. To her it was worth more than a Bic Lighter.

What would our world be like if everyone operated from that place of reverence and respect of the energies that are exchanged in life? I believe we would have a beautiful world.

I wish that all Americans could have such a moment. A moment when we recognize that it is not the value of the gift but the emotion and energy that is being exchanged in the gift that matters the most. We are all here to share that precious self that we are with others. To be as authentic as possible. To give as much as we can in moments because the “Divine Mother” is moving through us to help all of her children.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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