April 29, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 4/30/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/30/20

4/30/20 is the number 11. If you add the 4 + 3 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.

I can feel the expansion trying to happen as some states open things up but this number can easily collapse into the number 2 instead. I am crossing my fingers and toes that we do not have a second round of this but I am afraid the chances are high rather than low. I would love to be wrong and I hope that because Americans have access to different things that somehow we can fair better than other countries. No matter what do what you can to protect yourself and your family. Be careful and think things through before you do them. Allow an internal expansion that is one small bit at a time. Don’t overdo or push too much. There is still a very long way to go.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Leo adds a bit of passion and drive into the mix today.

It squares with Mercury in Taurus and it gives your spiritual gifts greater depth and insight. Do your best to not be inconsistent and reactive. Shallowness does not become you.

The Moon square Uranus and that can make you feel eccentric, headstrong, irritable and capricious. Watch out for the fanatics. You may feel exhausted and derailed. Love feels quirky and intense. Things feel abnormal and they are.

We ware in a Half Moon which can complicate health disorders. Know that there can be difficulties at work and disagreements in public can easily happen.

Mercury in Taurus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus. This should make you determined, creative, and intuitive. Traditional views seem outmoded and outdated.

You want some sort of mental breakthroughs and innovation in your thinking. For some this will make you very nervous.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Fear does not go away.

You have to notice the fear.

You cannot ignore the fear.

You have to confront the fear.

Most of humanity carries a lot of fear.

The suppression of that fear is

the root of most illness and disease.

It is the baseline of this

dimension of reality.

We are here to learn to navigate

fear in a balanced way.

We are here to learn

to love the part of ourself

that is afraid.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Hawaii and the Apu of Pele

In my 20’s I was dating a gentleman and we decided to go to Maui on vacation.

I had been before and I loved the islands (who doesn’t) so we decided to hike down into Haleakala crater at night to see the silverswords blooming in July in the crater. These flowers look like a sea anemone but on the ground rather than in the ocean. They bloom with a long stalk that is very tall, sometimes about 4 feet high. They have many blooms and the smell is intoxicating. But they bloom at night as they are pollinated by (I assume) moths rather than bees.

So off we went with a few others. None of which I knew at all. One of them was a friend of my boyfriend that lived on the island. As we were walking down, my boyfriend asked me to wait 10 minutes while he went ahead because he wanted to hear the silence in the crater.

I agreed and dutifully waited then continued down the trail.

I quickly realized that this was probably not a good idea because he had all the gear. He had the backpack with the water, flashlight, food, and rain gear.

We were supposed to meet at the bottom of the trail where the horses could be tied up and I got there but there was no one.

So I waited.

And waited….

And waited…….

And I never saw anyone. Not the people we had gone with (that were supposed to be behind me). Not the boyfriend, no-one. I contemplated climbing back up but then I realized that I did not have the car keys either and at the top it is very windy and cold. At least in the crater it was out of the wind. I knew approximately the direction we were going and so after waiting an hour I headed in the direction of the cabin trail that I knew we were supposed to go. That trail would eventually pop us out at about 8000 feet but it was along the road that goes up to the parking lot at the top.

What I did not know was that the center of the caldera is filled with iron and it makes compasses spin. Well I did not have a compass but I feel very discombobulated and confused.

We started this trek at 10 pm at night. By now it was midnight and while it is a full moon and at first I could see, eventually the moon would set over the lip of the crater and it was going to turn pitch dark and I had no flashlight, no water, and no rain gear.

I was starting to freak out when I came around a corner and thought (in the moonlight) I saw a Chinese man, bent slightly looking at me. I got very excited and ran up to him thinking that he was a real person, only to have him shape-shift in the moonlight into a blooming silversword.

I was stunned. I could have sworn that I saw a man standing there. On one level I thought that I was going a bit crazy and another part of me wondered if these silverswords were a reincarnation of ancient enlightened masters.

Still confused and becoming more afraid I called out in my mind to Pele to help me. I asked with all reverence, respect, and honor for her help. I explained that I was lost and did not know were my friends were and I needed to get out of the crater at the 8000 ft level.

Much to my surprise she responded. Clear as a bell in my head. She and I came to an agreement as payment to help her connect with her sister Mt. Shasta in Northern California. She asked for me to go to Shasta in August and do offerings for her on that mountain for her sister Shasta.

I agreed! (And just a side note, I did do just that. I think it is a very bad idea to not follow through with a volcano goddess.)

And it was right at that point that the moon went over the lip of the caldera and it became pitch dark. I could not see hardly anything. Somehow the trail (because of people stomping on it) was a lighter color than the surrounding rock. And so I continued to chat nervously with Pele as she guided me to the cabin that I was seeking. I assumed that it might be a place that I could get out of the wind and if someone was in the cabin that I could wake them up and just get water and some warmth. But by the time I got to the cabin and knocked, I realized that there was no one there.

Then I saw a sign that said “Park Exit” and I took that trail up and sure enough just as the sun was rising in the distance and the wet fog was coming in, I managed to get to the parking area at the 8000 ft area.

There was one car parked with lovers making out inside. The windows were all steamy but I was freezing cold, in the wind, and wet. So I knocked on the windows and those local Hawaiians were kind enough to let me into their warm car to get warm and wait for my friends to come out.

They said that this was the logical exit for such an adventure. They were kind enough to take me back to the top and see if my friends were there. But they were not and I did not have the car key to get into the vehicle. So back down we went to the original parking area and waited.

Eventually they did come out and what no one had told me was that they had all dropped acid to do that journey. So it was more clear why I never saw them because they were probably communing with the rocks as I walked by and never saw or heard me. Of course I wish someone would have told me that was what they were planning on doing. But at least I got to meet and chat with Pele and another Apu on a great mountain.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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