April 1, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 4/2/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/2/15

Today we are in the number 5. There are outlets to intense energy. Physical exercise is my personal favorite. As this is a day when your life force energy is driving forward then doing something to move and transform that energy is highly advised. When you move you reconnect to that element of freedom and your unique unconventional individualism. Movement awakens the body and you actually become more aware of your surroundings. Let your own sensuality come back out. What I mean by that is to do small things such as eat more slowly, really taste your food, walk outside and let yourself connect to nature and hear the wind, see the birds, and feel the life pulsating all around you. When you are aware and awake to life there is a softening of your energy that happens. You align with the greater energy that is life and begin to become one with it. The Moon is in practical, clear-headed Virgo all day, and these traits are supported by a Mercury-Saturn trine, which points to realistic thinking and a desire for order and organization. This is a good time for attention to detail and a pragmatic concern for the future. Conversations may seem short and to the point. Manifestation and achievement are what satisfy most under this influence. Even so, you will also feel uplifted by a Sun-Jupiter trine today, which stimulates hopefulness and a sense of growth. You want to learn, improve, and expand. You may be motivated by a desire to impress others. Enthusiasm runs high, and cooperation comes easily.
~Suzanne Wagner~



When Nothing is Sure. Everything is Possible.


People are still feeling the pinch of the transformations that happened in March so take a breath and flow with the energy of the earth. The trick when it is intense is to not overreact but to roll with the energy. I learned this from turtles in Hawaii. They hang out at the edge of the reef because the coral and rocks have a tasty algae growing on them but that means they have to navigate the big waves crashing on the reef. They just relax and barely move one fin and just let the wave rise and fall without panicking. Now of course they have had a lot of practice but the metaphor still works here. Life right now is full of big waves and the trick is to expect them. You always feel into the flow and you know that they will come. Being unconscious and not believing that you are going to get hit by life is a huge lie. And creating beliefs such as, “I am a good person so the universe will not hurt me”, are going to smash you against the metaphoric reef. Instead simply expect intense moments and if you are anticipating that they will eventually come then you are not surprised and/or you won’t make up some story about the reason things are being intense. Learn to flow with life rather than force your way through it all. It will be more fun and others will also enjoy being around you.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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