April 26, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 4/27/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/27/17

4/27/17 is the number 5. Have the courage to embrace change. Let the adventurer in you choose invention over convention. From the place of openness you discover a resourceful side of your being that is willing to embrace life with a curiosity and imaginative insight. Stability is maintained not by standing still and not moving but by action. Open your five senses and discover what you have been missing. Everything in your life is asking for you to make new choices and decisions. It is time for you to not follow the crowd but to become the motivating force for your life. When life decides to change, you must be focused and disciplined otherwise the energy can fragment and scatter. It is in these moments that metaphysical tools and laws are helpful in discovering what is your next step as you move forward.

A Mars-Pluto dynamic aspect today can point to some tensions as you recognize the strong need for change. Be careful to not put too much pressure on yourself to make something happen. Things evolve and mature in their own time. Accumulated anger, emotional slush, and resentment may emerge now in disruptive ways. You are inclined to feel at embattled with yourself and others. Your desires are intense and difficult to satisfy under this influence, likely because you feel pressured to achieve more than is currently possible. There is some tendency to bully and confront now if you are looking for the upper hand. Efforts to make changes could be thwarted, or power struggles emerge. There can be a tendency to want to manipulate or connive to get what you want. Tricks to making the best of this influence are to draw upon self-control, remain flexible, and develop strategies for achieving things over a long term. The Taurus Moon for much of the day (until 9:40 PM EDT) may not minify the potential stubbornness of this influence but can help shield you from external pressures. Finances and possessions can come into focus now. The Moon enters Gemini at 9:40 PM EDT and you wish to seek out mental stimulation and variety.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I am the wolf that works together with my pack to survive.
I am the crow that sees your shadow inside.
I am the wind that listens to your prayers.
I am the dog at your feet that truly cares.
I am the whisper from the trees telling you to wait.
I am the cougar who wants you to be great.
I am the hummingbird that reminds you that joy is the way.
I am the donkey that hears your bray.
All of life is listening to you.
Can you see your life with clarity and overview?
When you can, you will stop seeking life.
And instead let it walk with you beside.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Does your position today bring you peace?
Do your choices bring you ease?
In life everyone wants to be free
Free to know what we want to see.
And yes, you are free to create the bubble in which you live.
Is your bubble one of love and that gives?
At the end of the day all that you create
Sustains your essence or creates grates.
You can live in your bubble where all your rules apply,
Or you can expand and see what might be outside.
Outside your mind but in your heart.
Outside your ego that has kept you apart.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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